Demon Pack

Name: Gazini (Meaning Blood)

Gender: Male

Mate: None

Pups: None

Pack: Demon Pack

Position: Alpha (It may change…)

Power: Can read minds and can choose who dies and lives… (sort of like the Grim Reaper) Has a very awkward split personality…

Deviant ID

Sorry for those writings. But this is his new picture Gazini has modified because of loosing a fear he’s kept since he was a pup. Since then if he has that necklace around his neck he will grow wings and be able to fly. Though the smallest he certainly is the strongest.

Name: Blacklightning (Star for short…)


Mate: HECK NO! (She’s only a tween!)

Pups: HECK NO!

Pack: Demon Pack

Pack Position: Doesn’t really have any…

Power (depends on pack): can Control Lightning…


Very sweet, but don’t let her looks fool your she’s one of the most powerful female wolf in her pack!

I need people to give me descriptions of the wolves to make some wolves onto this page.

  1. paris clinton

    omg still good

  2. i can help u make some wolves…… just let me think……..about twelve mins ill have about three…………………….

  3. okay just came up with two….may u mind? so… Leaffang gender: Female mate:no mate pups:no pups pack:demon pack positon: pack hunter powers:can make plants grow in a matter of seconds personality:very nice. but can be grumpy if someone goes to far.

  4. forgot second one:(

  5. These are pawsome pictures! Great job lucy!

  6. XD Well idk but i luv anime wolves too i got an idea so idk if you’ll like it or not name:DarkHeart Gender: female mate: No (shes a Tween) pups: No pack postion: Warrior or fighter Power: can control air and water she is jet lack with lots of scars she shy and quite but if u get on the rong side of her ur in trobule (XP i can’t spell)

  7. i no one! Name black widow. gender female. mate HECK NO SHEZ A TEEN. pups HECK NO SHES A TEEN. Position none yet. power(s) is the only wolf that can enter the great wolf demons castle and is half vampire.

  8. Is being epic illegal???? XDDD

  9. zombie52dreams

    🙂 I love them all! You inspired me.. And i made a pack of my own.. Hand drawn put scanned on the printer :3 here the link if you wanna take a look and comment. and again! i love your work!! i have a bamboo tablet but i rarely use because it so hard to draw…. x3 haha well bu bye for now.

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