Aqua Pack

Name: Buziba

Gender: Male

Mate: None

Pups: None

Pack: Aqua Pack

Position: Alpha (May change)

Power: Can control water currents in rivers and streams

Swimming throw the currents of fresh and salt water bodies of water; he is just like Poseidon (from Greek mythology) but (this is NOT a true fact) it's his dog... (he's actually a wolf but, he like to call him a dog...)

I need People’s help to give me ideas for my this pack…

  1. paris clinton

    how about go to places next to water and make that place ur area for ur aqua group sorry if it is not good enough. 🙂

  2. hey! i came up with an idea if you buddy me we could stat a pack toghether that would give u ideas!

  3. how about a fire pack

  4. quinn COCOCAKE21


  5. Name could be: Moofasa
    Gender could be: Female
    Mate could be: None
    Pups could be: None
    Postition could be: Front Hunter
    Power could be: Change into any animal in the ocean with the head of a wolf

    My ideas aren’t so good. But, i hope this helps!

  6. hi my name is roesa905 buddy me be cuz I love the pack and can my name in the pack be I am (female) in the pack my age is same as u and can I be an (omega) or what ever u r be cuz I don’t no lol plz let my join and buddy me ok bye

  7. silverpaw of the water wolves

    i got a idea i am in a water wolf pack so i know

    ok the water wolves howls sound like the sea waves they can live and breather under water
    theirs a laegdy water wolf kingdom in the bottom of DA sea
    that’s all i know i am only a aprents sorry bad spelling

    hope my pack has bin help full to u

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