Angel Pack!

About the pack:

Angel Pack… Don’t let the name fool you it’s a ferocious pack that can tear most packs into a pulp! Also, They all have wings except the pups/teens… Until they get their approval that they are no longer pups/teens the they will have wings.

Name: Wolfen

Gender: Female

Mate: HECK NO!! (she’s only 10)

Pups: HECK NO!!!

Pack: Angel Pack

Position: None yet…

Power: Can shape shift into any animal.

Very sweet, but can be vicious when it comes to friend and family. She doesn't smile only when someone is hurt (in her pack). Here father was originally a rogue.



Mate:Heck NO!

Pups: HECK NO!

Pack: Angel Pack

Position: None. She’s Just a pup…

Power: She is the only wolf that can speak to the Great Wolf. She goes into odd trances where she can’t hear anything going on around her in the real world.

She's a playful little pup. She always likes to explore. Just like her name, she has a lot of spirit!
(source: Pieluver32, on Animal Jam)

Okay I need people’s help with these 4 packs I need people to tell me which pack, color, description, and everything else it says on the Wolf Packs! Page.

  1. paris clinton

    can i join just write back and i will give u my aj username and ni drawings i love ur drawing to. O_O

  2. id like to jion my user is AJpaleggs and (u probably guessed) i wannabe named jade. other stuff is up to u 😉

  3. I like Wolfen AND Spirit….. Idk I just do….

  4. i think you should make a modern day wolf pack. You know gray wolves. The name could be Aspen Wolf Pack. 1 could be named Ripgaw, power: breaking bones with no sweat. 2 could be named Aspen, power to nourish any pup, sick or weak.

    Hope this helps!

  5. I think you should add a girl wolf. With dark white fur and sparkling emerald eyes like green jade. (sorry, i’m in the poetic mood)

    Name: Luna
    Gender: Female
    Mate: None
    Pups: None
    Pack: Angel Pack
    Position: Medicine Wolf
    Power: She hears the voices of dead cats in her mind, telling her the future and telling her how to stop dark prophecies from happening.
    Personality: She is always up in space, and tends to be extremely disorganized with her herbs. She is very loyal and very swift, though not a very good fighter due to the fact she is very weak.

  6. please buyddy meh! i am sparkelm9918 and you tube accout is mackenna nightingale

  7. ok there is girls profile her name is bre1075 and her password is brenna she is my enemy this is not a scam!!!!!!!

  8. Do you mind if I join? 🙂

  9. Awesome, that’s great. Do you have any drawing tips you are willing to share? I’m totally open.

  10. Here’s my wolf-

    Name: Zephyr
    Gender: Female
    Mate: None
    Pups: None
    Pack: She is a traveling rogue
    Position: Warrior
    Power: None
    Appearance: Light gray with a white stripe starting on her neck going down her back and on her tail. White belly and yellow eyes.
    Personality: She is a great fighter. She fights for only what feels right in her heart. When you first meet her she can be a little cold, awkward, but once you get to know her she is very sweet and kind. She sits gazing out over the horizon a lot. She really likes to sleep! She also tends to bottle up her emotions.

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