The Will to Live

The Beginning
They have always called me a freak, just because of the color of my fur. No one ever thinks of me as an equal. They always look down upon me. As if I was… A demon.

My name is Dracul, meaning devil or dragon. I don’t know why or who would name me that. All I know is that my youngest memory is me being picked up and brought here, my home.

Back to the present day matters now.

Just recently I’ve been having these dreams, which seem very real. It is all a nightmare of mischievous sounds and smells. This is the dark realm of the haunted, that’s what I call it.

The dark realm seems to have a somewhat ominous smell, the smell of herbs and fire. The sound in there is horrifying souls crying out in pain, the sound of blood being spilled from an innocent. All I can see is me. It all seems as if all the things are revolving around me.

Tonight is a little bit different. The thing that has been haunting my dreams finally appeared, from the dark realm it was in.

“I am a part of you, little Dracul,”

“Wh-what do you want from me? Who are you? What are you?” I say, to the creature.

“I’ve been ever so patiently, to say, I am your inner demon. They call me Izrail, meaning Angel of Death. Also, my main form is a dragon. Though I can, also, change into any other animal or creature.” Izrail says.

“A dragon?” I say.  This can’t be real. I thought to myself.

“Oh, this is real. I truly your inner self,”

“No, no, NOO!!” I scream, waking up in horror.

“What the heck?! Why did you just scream, freak? You just woke us all up!” Reed says, angrily.

I am mumbling to myself saying, “That wasn’t real. That wasn’t real!”

“Sorry, I gotta go,” I say, solemnly.

I am walking towards the door. I hear Reed mumbling to the others. He’s probably spreading rumors or something.

Before I get out of hearing range I hear Reed saying to others, “That freak, he should know better than to go outside the den at night. On top of that, tomorrow is a full moon. Oh well, let’s get back to sleep,”

I am walking out in to the bitter cold winter night. The clouds are spread out across the midnight sky. The snow is ever so lightly falling on the, already, shimmering snow-covered land.

I walk past all of the other dens, except the Alpha’s den. I keep walking while covering up my tracks. My tracks can still be seen, but only if you have a good sense of seeing. You can still smell my scent.

  1. Cool. I like stories with meaningful dreams! This is one awesome story.
    P.S wordpress rules.

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