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Art Summary of December

Well this month could have been better, but hey. At least I drew a little.



Art Summary of January

hey-there-from-gazini theyre-right-bhind-me electrical-attraction tribal-nuisnce im-afraid sorry-about-my-other

This month was a bit more productive. It was nice. Mainly did redraws of old things and redid old adoptables’. Also tried my luck with deer anatomy. Kinda wonky, but I felt I didn’t do too bad.

Art Summary of December

3-smol-kittens 2-assassin-teins-christmass day-1-of-christmasssss gabe-bun-bun-black-color


Gonna be honest. I thought I uploaded this? I guess I never did? Well better late than never. December wasn’t a very productive month. Didn’t have much internet and I was kinda all over the place.

In anycase, hope all of you had a good New Years and hope that 2017 will be better!

Art Summary of September

fine-just-a-bit-tired leave-im-busy lil-leo you-lost-or-what

So here’s September’s! Not too much, College drained a lot of the time and many of the drawings I did were in my sketch book. Or notebook… But all in all! Mainly just a style testing, with the stabilizer.

Art Summary of November

Karter wants all the pets Devil twins It's Curse And Nothing More Fluffy doodles Kitty walk It's okay I will help Mocha Cocoa Happy Boop day Breezefrost child

Art Summary or September

Eyyy! Sorry for the late summary, I was gonna do it on the first, but realized that I did it on the wrong computer and didn’t remember to do it when I got on the actual computer I was supposed to use. So sorry about that! Now, without further ado let’s get started!

Hey Dragoon

This is actually a redo of a project I did back in animation last year.

This is actually a redo of a project I did back in animation last year.

Fly Art Trade MrBig2 Seperate ways What Tired of Working Millo And Kiwi

Anyhow, that’s about the summary, hope is all well with you 😀

Sty your beautiful selves my Blood Drops~!