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Art Summary of November

This month was super productive. I got a whole set (12) of new species that I’m uploading the first 12 days of December. It has been a while since the last one but eh.

Hope ya’ll have a good one!


Art Summary of September

I was a bit more active this month, but not by much. Mainly still focusing on work and animating. Trying out new shading styles as well. Don’t mind them.



Art Summary of May

This month was mainly all about WIPs. So not a lot of completed art has been done. I dunno? All in all it’s done for this month

Have a good one.

Art Summary of April

This month was more for goofy art, but some of my normal style came through. So here it all is. So yeah.


Art Summary of September

fine-just-a-bit-tired leave-im-busy lil-leo you-lost-or-what

So here’s September’s! Not too much, College drained a lot of the time and many of the drawings I did were in my sketch book. Or notebook… But all in all! Mainly just a style testing, with the stabilizer.

Art Summary of July

Phychedellic Stole your Pizza Rolls Tyra head

So last month wasn’t a productive month either… Sadly… But this month might have a better outcome? I’m not and busy or stressed with everything as I have been. So yey ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope all of ya’ll are doing well!


Art Summary of June

First off! Terribly sorry for forgetting to do this! I thought I already did this, but I guess I forgot?

Secondly, I graduated in June from High School and doing moving at the same time and several other things, so again. Terribly sorry about the lateness of this!

Chizel's winter fur Tyra head

Honestly, aside from all the stuff in my sketchbooks, I didn’t really do a lot in June. Mainly just trying to improve overall style, anatomy, poses, and some other small things.

So, yeah

Hope you all are fine and hopefully will post July stuff earlier than what was meant for June ;w;


Art Summary of March

Sleepy head Sorrows Derp Being alone and overthinking Happy easter Chitters Summon the spirits

Glad to say this month was a bit more productive ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Art Summary of February

Hey autumn Old child What is love Being alone and overthinking

Naru means ass/dip shit in their world.

Naru means ass/dip shit in their world.


Not much done this month since I have a huge school project and such :T So yey!

Art Summary of October




Warning! There is horrible, cartoonized blood! Scroll down at your own risk!Day 3 Tyra say you dead Tyra Chibi Chibi Anthro Tyra Day 6 day 2 Extra eyes

So this month…

I wasn’t really that, artsy or very motivated. Mainly because of school projects, tests, and homework. As well s work has been eating some of the time. But overall, I just fee really unmotivated C:


Hope you are having a good one!

Art Summary or September

Eyyy! Sorry for the late summary, I was gonna do it on the first, but realized that I did it on the wrong computer and didn’t remember to do it when I got on the actual computer I was supposed to use. So sorry about that! Now, without further ado let’s get started!

Hey Dragoon

This is actually a redo of a project I did back in animation last year.

This is actually a redo of a project I did back in animation last year.

Fly Art Trade MrBig2 Seperate ways What Tired of Working Millo And Kiwi

Anyhow, that’s about the summary, hope is all well with you ๐Ÿ˜€

Sty your beautiful selves my Blood Drops~!

Summary of Art in June

Burfday sky CS Alei and Ashe Being bored Fathers Contest ewntry commish

I didn’t draw a lot this month. I am kinda upset with how little I had. But, oh ย well… Can’t change the past! Less we had some kind of time traveling device, that’d be pretty awesome! Anyhow… Here’s a few of the things that I did C:


Stay your lovely selves my Blood Drops~!