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Art Summary of November

fluff-prance bunbun-doodle what-is-this come-follow-me view-looks-nice-s back-with-the-crowbar im-sorry-i-smother-you h-hello

This month was mainly about experimenting a new brush and trying my luck at shading and trying to get the hang of it.

All in all I think it’s going well?

Well have a nice one!



Art Summary of October

im-not-a-cat choncas the-frick indert-witty-one-liner gtfo just-wondering output_ijo4awbiyanco

So this month I had a lot more activity. Unfortunately, I didn’t really draw any creepy stuff other than a few sketches. Instead I started finishing the first set of species for more world building for Kynric (made up world I’ve been working on). Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up this inspiration and stuff for a little bit longer!

See you all next month!

Art Summary of August

First off-Terrible sorry I thought I uploaded this! But didn’t check until now! So here we are! August’s art summary!
output_oez47t output_uwibhm output_yogzxj hello-skeeto-bug not-fat-just-fluffy

Art Summary of March

Sleepy head Sorrows Derp Being alone and overthinking Happy easter Chitters Summon the spirits

Glad to say this month was a bit more productive 😀

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Art Summary or September

Eyyy! Sorry for the late summary, I was gonna do it on the first, but realized that I did it on the wrong computer and didn’t remember to do it when I got on the actual computer I was supposed to use. So sorry about that! Now, without further ado let’s get started!

Hey Dragoon

This is actually a redo of a project I did back in animation last year.

This is actually a redo of a project I did back in animation last year.

Fly Art Trade MrBig2 Seperate ways What Tired of Working Millo And Kiwi

Anyhow, that’s about the summary, hope is all well with you 😀

Sty your beautiful selves my Blood Drops~!