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Art Summary of April

Aight then- These are all done with the new tablet so hopefully not much has changed overall look? Or maybe that’d be a good thing. Either way- Some stuff from April!




Art Summary of March

So near the middle or end of February, I sliced a bit of my thumb off at work so I couldn’t draw. Then around early March my old tablet stopped working. I spilled too much ginger ale on it. And now I have a new one. but I got it on March 31st so have a bunch of sketchbook doodles instead.


Art Summary of February

Aight then. To get this started I haven’t been able to draw for a while due to slicing a chunk of my thumb off at work. So really most of these are WIPs. First one is for Valentine’s Day or Singles day, you can take a guess at which one it is. Second is Chinese New Years, and it’s the year of the dog. In anycase so don’t expect a while lot of art for the month of March.


Art Summary of January

I never published this and I don’t know why? But in anycase. Been practicing more on anthro art so eh.

Sorry for the delay. I thought I already posted this.



Art Summary of November

This month was super productive. I got a whole set (12) of new species that I’m uploading the first 12 days of December. It has been a while since the last one but eh.

Hope ya’ll have a good one!

Art Summary of September

I was a bit more active this month, but not by much. Mainly still focusing on work and animating. Trying out new shading styles as well. Don’t mind them.



Art Summary of August

This month has been pretty low for me. My birthday month as well as several friends and family. Not to mention that week I went to the beach. So I haven’t had a lot of time doing art nor a lot of motivation.Hopefully September will be more productive to some degree.

See ya’ll!

Art Summary of April

This month was more for goofy art, but some of my normal style came through. So here it all is. So yeah.


Art Summary of January

hey-there-from-gazini theyre-right-bhind-me electrical-attraction tribal-nuisnce im-afraid sorry-about-my-other

This month was a bit more productive. It was nice. Mainly did redraws of old things and redid old adoptables’. Also tried my luck with deer anatomy. Kinda wonky, but I felt I didn’t do too bad.

Art Summary of December

3-smol-kittens 2-assassin-teins-christmass day-1-of-christmasssss gabe-bun-bun-black-color


Gonna be honest. I thought I uploaded this? I guess I never did? Well better late than never. December wasn’t a very productive month. Didn’t have much internet and I was kinda all over the place.

In anycase, hope all of you had a good New Years and hope that 2017 will be better!

Art Summary of November

fluff-prance bunbun-doodle what-is-this come-follow-me view-looks-nice-s back-with-the-crowbar im-sorry-i-smother-you h-hello

This month was mainly about experimenting a new brush and trying my luck at shading and trying to get the hang of it.

All in all I think it’s going well?

Well have a nice one!


Art Summary of October

im-not-a-cat choncas the-frick indert-witty-one-liner gtfo just-wondering output_ijo4awbiyanco

So this month I had a lot more activity. Unfortunately, I didn’t really draw any creepy stuff other than a few sketches. Instead I started finishing the first set of species for more world building for Kynric (made up world I’ve been working on). Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up this inspiration and stuff for a little bit longer!

See you all next month!