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Art Summary of February

Aight then. To get this started I haven’t been able to draw for a while due to slicing a chunk of my thumb off at work. So really most of these are WIPs. First one is for Valentine’s Day or Singles day, you can take a guess at which one it is. Second is Chinese New Years, and it’s the year of the dog. In anycase so don’t expect a while lot of art for the month of March.



Art Summary of February

well-hi-fly dont-cry-baby kiss-my-ass i-am-the-best

Alright so… I actually don’t have a lot of completed things this month, but I do have a lot of linearts waiting to be colored and shaded. So hope you don’t mind just having these things for now. Also after a couple of years, I’ve finally publicly uploaded a human. Instead of all the animals and anthros. So yeah