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Art Summary of April

Aight then- These are all done with the new tablet so hopefully not much has changed overall look? Or maybe that’d be a good thing. Either way- Some stuff from April!




Art Summary of November

This month was super productive. I got a whole set (12) of new species that I’m uploading the first 12 days of December. It has been a while since the last one but eh.

Hope ya’ll have a good one!

Art Summary of October

I had almost no motivation this month to draw or anything. So barely anything noteworthy was made.


See ya next month!

Art Summary of September

I was a bit more active this month, but not by much. Mainly still focusing on work and animating. Trying out new shading styles as well. Don’t mind them.



Art Summary of July

This month I’ve made some poorly made doodles for a chat group, and work as consumed most of my time. So only a couple have been completed. Hopefully I can start drawing more.


Art Summary of June

This month has mainly been job focused, so not much art going on. I’ve been trying to improve shading again. Hopefully it’s not too bad.

In anycase till next month!


Art Summary of October

im-not-a-cat choncas the-frick indert-witty-one-liner gtfo just-wondering output_ijo4awbiyanco

So this month I had a lot more activity. Unfortunately, I didn’t really draw any creepy stuff other than a few sketches. Instead I started finishing the first set of species for more world building for Kynric (made up world I’ve been working on). Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up this inspiration and stuff for a little bit longer!

See you all next month!

Art Summary of September

fine-just-a-bit-tired leave-im-busy lil-leo you-lost-or-what

So here’s September’s! Not too much, College drained a lot of the time and many of the drawings I did were in my sketch book. Or notebook… But all in all! Mainly just a style testing, with the stabilizer.

Art Summary of August

First off-Terrible sorry I thought I uploaded this! But didn’t check until now! So here we are! August’s art summary!
output_oez47t output_uwibhm output_yogzxj hello-skeeto-bug not-fat-just-fluffy

Art Summary of July

Phychedellic Stole your Pizza Rolls Tyra head

So last month wasn’t a productive month either… Sadly… But this month might have a better outcome? I’m not and busy or stressed with everything as I have been. So yey 😀 Hope all of ya’ll are doing well!


Art Summary of June

First off! Terribly sorry for forgetting to do this! I thought I already did this, but I guess I forgot?

Secondly, I graduated in June from High School and doing moving at the same time and several other things, so again. Terribly sorry about the lateness of this!

Chizel's winter fur Tyra head

Honestly, aside from all the stuff in my sketchbooks, I didn’t really do a lot in June. Mainly just trying to improve overall style, anatomy, poses, and some other small things.

So, yeah

Hope you all are fine and hopefully will post July stuff earlier than what was meant for June ;w;


Art Summary of May

VD B-day Rakusaru Gift Smol Icon Cloud Jumpers Kurabib Lantras

Ehhh This month I wasn’t very active, as I was working more on my school projects and Photoshop there. As well as a lot has happened in the month of May, seeing as how I will be graduating this month… HO BOY! Soon I’ll be off to college ^^’ Welp Hopefully I’ll be more active this month?