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Art Summary of October

I had almost no motivation this month to draw or anything. So barely anything noteworthy was made.


See ya next month!


Art Summary of October

im-not-a-cat choncas the-frick indert-witty-one-liner gtfo just-wondering output_ijo4awbiyanco

So this month I had a lot more activity. Unfortunately, I didn’t really draw any creepy stuff other than a few sketches. Instead I started finishing the first set of species for more world building for Kynric (made up world I’ve been working on). Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up this inspiration and stuff for a little bit longer!

See you all next month!

Art Summary of October




Warning! There is horrible, cartoonized blood! Scroll down at your own risk!Day 3 Tyra say you dead Tyra Chibi Chibi Anthro Tyra Day 6 day 2 Extra eyes

So this month…

I wasn’t really that, artsy or very motivated. Mainly because of school projects, tests, and homework. As well s work has been eating some of the time. But overall, I just fee really unmotivated C:


Hope you are having a good one!