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Art Summary of December

3-smol-kittens 2-assassin-teins-christmass day-1-of-christmasssss gabe-bun-bun-black-color


Gonna be honest. I thought I uploaded this? I guess I never did? Well better late than never. December wasn’t a very productive month. Didn’t have much internet and I was kinda all over the place.

In anycase, hope all of you had a good New Years and hope that 2017 will be better!


Art Summary of October

im-not-a-cat choncas the-frick indert-witty-one-liner gtfo just-wondering output_ijo4awbiyanco

So this month I had a lot more activity. Unfortunately, I didn’t really draw any creepy stuff other than a few sketches. Instead I started finishing the first set of species for more world building for Kynric (made up world I’ve been working on). Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up this inspiration and stuff for a little bit longer!

See you all next month!

Art Summary of June

First off! Terribly sorry for forgetting to do this! I thought I already did this, but I guess I forgot?

Secondly, I graduated in June from High School and doing moving at the same time and several other things, so again. Terribly sorry about the lateness of this!

Chizel's winter fur Tyra head

Honestly, aside from all the stuff in my sketchbooks, I didn’t really do a lot in June. Mainly just trying to improve overall style, anatomy, poses, and some other small things.

So, yeah

Hope you all are fine and hopefully will post July stuff earlier than what was meant for June ;w;