My Poems

Here are some more poems I made!
1st Poem:
My Childhood

It was like a bicycle going down hill
Never stopping
Until you hit the brakes.
Like an IPOD,
Going with the flow of the Music.

It was sneakers,
Caked in mud,
Waiting to be cleaned.
A kid in a car,
Itching to ride in the front seat.

2nd Poem:
I Took a Walk Yesterday

I took a walk yesterday
It was a good pace
I walked up into a tree
It was a fantastical place

Once I got up further
I saw five pythons
They were tiny
We were in the Amazons

I felt happy and joyful
They let me inside their dome
It was cozy and nice
They read me a poem and it was time for me to go home.

3rd Poem:
It’s a Small World
It’s a small world,
I don’t like wars,
They’re dreadful!
But why?

Every time a war ends
Another one take its place
Every day
Hundreds of people die
each day, in wars!

How do we
get caught in these wars.
Who even starts them?

4th Poem and if I alredy did this one just comment:
Nature is a peaceful place,
You can hear all sort of things like
The pitter patter of mice scurrying along,
to the bald eagles cawing in the sky,
you can hear almost any thing.

Yes nature is a tranquil
and peaceful place,
A place of wonders.

It’s like a going to heaven,
unless you get hurt.

5th Poem by the way this is a different kind of poem, I just forgot what kind of poem it is, comment to tell what kind of poem it is:
Cats and Dogs
Furry, smart
Sleeping, clawing, purring
Puma, Tiger, faithful, watchful
Barking, scratching, licking
Collie, Terrier

Thanks for Viewing!

By: Katie Weinbach/ME! I will only do five poems for now I update more later sorry. 😦 But at least I will post more later! 🙂
1st Poem:
A Leaf
A leaf
Falling from a tree,
Dancing from a tree,
It’s like a ballerina,
swaying with the music of the wind.

Now just laying their,
And rotting.

But sometimes it will grow,
Into a new leaf.

2nd Poem:
A Leaf
A leaf
Falling from a tree,
Dancing from a tree,
It’s like a ballerina,
swaying with the music of the wind.

Now just laying their,
And rotting.

But sometimes it will grow,
Into a new leaf.

3rd Poem:
Ode to Drawing
White page,
Filled with imagination.
We use it
To get out our anger,
Express yourself,
To imagine,
To build,
and to make dreams come true.

We use a pen,
A pencil,
and our mind.

We use it
for culture,
to amuse,
to understand,
and to read our emotions.

Why do we have it?
We don’t know.

4th poem:

Horses have long
sleek manes,
Strong developed legs.
They are speedy and powerful.

They come in many colors
in black,
even chestnut.
horses are majestic creatures
I wish I could have one.
Last poem Sorry 😦 5th poem:
You and Me
You and me
Were meant to be.
You make my life full.
You make my life,
Smile with joy
If your dead,
Then I’m dead.
You are my flame
That lights my spirit…

You and me,
Were not meant to be.
You’re much different than me.
Your hair beautiful red,
Sparkles in the moonlight,
But mine just is dull and boring.
If you were my love,
I would be as cheerful as you are.

I promise I will post more! See Y’all Later!

  1. Your poems sorta suckish and goodishy

    • Really? Do tell why… I mean… I was about half my age when I did these. So please humor me troll. If you think you can do better you can show me, in the mean time keep in mind most of these these poems are almost 7 years old the youngest poem I have on here is about 5 years old.


      • I don’t think you should be too harsh about it ^^ To me it’s kinda funny how some people like to make others feel down and are really wanting attention C: Sometimes it can be harsh or rude, but in the end the best we can do is either report or ignore.

    • I’d like to you see try make a poem

  2. Oh, wow. The younger you do it, the more amazing it is. Keep writing and don’t listen to mean poops.

  3. Great poems. Would you mind if I used one in the poem contest at school? I will dedicate them to you if I do. I will say I got this off your blog and to read it sometime and to play Animal Jam. Well thank you for your inspiring comments. 🙂

  4. these poems are great! de peeps r jealous :3 merp. meh thinks they awesome!

    • Thank you very much C:
      I have to say though, all of these are VERY old ^^’
      People who hate are ones who like to make themselves feel subconsciously better in the wrong ways. Or they just have opinions.

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