Wolf/Dog Drawings!

Here are some of my pictures I have!

All new drawing from 2014 πŸ˜€

Deviant ID

I Can't Look Away Sky's Evolution
Sky-Wings Deviant ID Swallow-Woof Dracul-Shadows I've lost the battle... Lonely RoadI Can do This on My Own


  1. Hey luckykate, theres this website called kerpoof (search it) and its where u can make drawings and stuff and other ppl rate it. If u already kno about it, sorry for wasting ur time.
    (On there im caronny)

  2. lucykate, when you got hacked, what did you do? thanks, my user on aj is quickseal

  3. I really like your drawings im gonna buddy u.

  4. Hai…. and also u should do da wolf#1 2 enter buh bi!!!!!!!!1

  5. whow! that was not a scatch that was an art galory!!!

  6. I’m a artest(or however you spell that).I just wanted to say…….WOW?!?!?Your a good artest(again,however you spell that).

  7. You traced some of those cuz ive seen them on dragoart, google, ect. You should at least give credit to the people who drew the pictures…Not to offend you

  8. i LOVE YOUR WOLF PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. my wolf is
    pups:moonwater and moonsky

  10. you gotta take away the fang!!!!!! sorry im just picky xD

  11. i draw wolves and cats… so well, you do have a GREAT potential in getting better, but if you shaded, it would look awesome. most of the pictures are very jagged and rough though, and the anatomy is not really good when it comes to the paws, face, and tail. i would say doing a sketch and then erasing it afterwards, it helps layer things out.

  12. also, if i look VERy closely, i see about four different types of drawing styles. how can that be possible??? a person only has one style of drawing and that is their own style.

  13. How do you do the drawings on the computer? I can’t find any apps of websites that will let me draw pictures on. Could you please reply to me and tell me what you use to draw things…

    – QAZAR

  14. Too much hair, don’t do cats with that much hair.. Need to work on the paws, too. And you stole the red wolf and the black on and just filled in the chinesse words on the shoulder. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

  15. Why did you make someones profile picture a monster?

  16. I call the orange and red wolf pup Flame =3

  17. its abit rough but then again you used the computers colouring system and that takes alot of skill these are very good oh how i love wolves wolf name:shady gender:male type:caring,protective,strong natural colours:dark with abit of neon blue through attribute:beleivens (how ever you spell it) good in all and is calm (light and water) likes:peace and quite when traveling with others but doesnt mind noise. silent and quite most of the time.

  18. I ❀ wolves/dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again)

  19. I love the mom wolf and the wolf pup with the girly eyes. Wish I could be a good artist, but i’m more of a writer. (p.s. nice writing too)

  20. 62.η₯žη»η—…ι™’ζœ‰δΈ€δ½θ€ε€ͺε€ͺ.

  21. BTW, Lucykate, (or Gazini?) Do you like earth science? I take 6th grade earth science and it’s okay. Not too fun, but cool anyway. πŸ˜‰

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