Traditional Art!

Alright! Let’s get started 😀 These are just a few drawings I’ll do that you’ll see in the folders!

Some of these are taken with my phone so that’s why some are a little different.

Autumn-Guradian Angel


PhotoScan (85) PhotoScan (86) IMG_1032 IMG_0981

Little floating face is my personal commentary...

Little floating face is my personal commentary…


  1. I remember when that was on AJ! Feel free to submit them to my blog, I have a mini blog ( just to recieve artwork, stories, and such. Please think about it! 🙂

  2. HEY totally think the art is amazing

  3. shadowninja2lopmoppy2raven

    I agree 🙂 Art is awesome! I trying to get better at drawing wolfs and cats and stuff like that.. xD

    But i wanted to see if you can check these drawing out and made them.. There more realistic than what you make. But i would be thrilled if you could look them over ^-^

    I know im weird :/ but here is the blog post there in.

    – lopmopy (add me on aj) ^_^

  4. How do you post traditional paper art on line? (I’m not a digital artist, TRUST ME.) I usually take my pics with my phone and email them to myself…but it never looks that good XC

  5. Luckily I was able to use Toon Boom like a paint software.

  6. What crusty burrito…XD I didn’t touch a crusty burrito…:dumps a gallon of sanitizer on hands:

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