Drawings of Mine!

Alright here’s some art from 2014! I’ll try to update every so often ^^

I've lost the battle... Lonely Road Dracul-Shadows Miru Mira-Forever one Follow Your Heart Sky's Evolution

  1. I love the drawings my user is rawr2 bye

  2. I love the pics new site they r adorable i would love to post a bunch of comments can please

  3. 1 more post real quick do you have a clan if you can i join it i might be able to get my girl in it with me

  4. hai. its patientpanda XD thx 4 budding meh btw, y iz ur username lucykate651?

  5. Awwww the last one is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D 🙂

  6. asome drawings
    i wish i could show you mine

  7. when do you get back on aj

  8. princesspup1234

    omg love it!! There all so cute and very quality work :3

  9. i made some picures i dunno but on my blog http://lillyfhajrocks.blogspot.com/ i like people under artwork to critisize my artwork i like to know my faults i dont wanna critisize with out permision.so check out my blog to se my art work i luve your pics im no tht good but im preety good and no coppying plz i hate when people copy thnx..-lillyfh:) jamming not scammming:)

  10. i love your wolf picturs!


  11. That’s the kinda drawing I do it looks the same as mine!have you gone on kerpoof.com it ultamate art website!

  12. you draw relly good

  13. Cute pix! how can you put pictures on your blog u drew? do u take a foto, click a million wierd symbols, and move it to ur blog? i need to no soon ill have a animal jam blackout blog. thx… call me jadeflower. 🙂

  14. Oh my. How do you draw so well? I need tips! What platform do you use to draw your pictures? What art site?
    P.S, do you have any control over what profile pictures we get in our comments? If you do then plz change mine. Thx

  15. these were great drawings!

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