Where to Find Me?

I have many different places where I am more active…

*deviantART: Here I post my art and updates on The Will to Live. Not to mention I post a journal for art requests. I also do commissions, yes with real money… But I used the currency of deviantART which are called points.

*Tumblr: I have 3 different ones, but I shall give you this one which is my ask account. Just keep it PG. I can do almost any question, just no inappropriate kinds…

*YouTube: I will post a couple animations here and there. I am trying to organize a animated series revolving around The Will to Live, or short little comics I do.

*Chicken Smoothie: When ever I am bored or need something to do I go here.

Animal Jam: Lucykate651

Transformice: Lucykate

*= Most Active

  1. wow…. NICE GOING DAD!

    this is on animal jam people!!!

  3. ? i’m alittle bit in the dark right now!!! what r u guys talking about!?!?

  4. hi ๐Ÿ™‚



  7. allison do i know u? wht school do u go to? i think i know u!!

  8. How do you get it to say “lucykate651” Ive tried commenting on other Jammers blogs, but is says my blog name, instead of SpiritHowl.

  9. would one of you shut up and tell me when is animal jam open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. paris clinton

    hi anyone here

  11. go on animal jam and go on pop772 go to my den i will be here this suumer like all summer and every day to

  12. please trade me rares my name is allparty99

  13. Everyone please check out my Animal Jam Q and A wiki. You can ask animal jam questions there on the main page. Thanks! I love this blog btw

  14. Watch this video!


  15. hi i am tornadorocky2 and i just founded 5 dens
    in which writes a really really bad words they writed it with pillows

  16. next time i will write their usernames

  17. please report and go to kitkatmat den and if you go in his den you will see the reason why did i say to report him

  18. hey guys its me tornadorocky2 and i am here to tell you that theres a guy his username:pspplayer give free membership and it works he gaved it to my sister,but still i dont trust him

  19. pspplayer gives free membership

  20. tornadorocky2

    ok i changed to tornadorocky2

  21. tornadorocky2

    i have my own blog go to http://tornadorocky2.wordpress.com

  22. go on animaljam.com have fun with animals =>

  23. hey lucykate !
    i finally got my email i made it though partrents do not know he ..he…he please email me thx bye elab33

  24. hey, bozo crap here! why doesnt ppl comment more often?

  25. Is there anyway to send u a screen shot? I want to show u something!

  26. Person who invented milk:
    lol. hey lucykate an evryone else by january 2013 im making a blog called animal jam blackout can u put it on a list of coming soon blogs? ps call me aquajade instead of AJpaleggs, but if u wannabe my bud search AJpaleggs or pinkkitten12345. thx!

  27. im AJpaleggs but call me jadeflower. guess what? trade me heart locket or a member top hat for anything on my list exept the sparkly tiara!!! plus buddy me and get a gift only fur people who buddy me in november: turkey hat! i will not scam ask friends fir proof, plus if u think i scammd u, report me plus tell DIAMONT9991,wierd511, frankfree, and cupcakesrock12345. ๐Ÿ˜‰ wen i start talking i never stop but it is a place to talk!
    2<8-3โ‚ฌ+ยฅยง13. forget this, ill work at mcdonalds. ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. ok dont freak out if i answer four million and one questions of someone named jadeflower cuz im just playing around. guess what today sumone looked at me then said turns head on aj how sad :”(

  29. ok so how the heck do i make words on animal jam?

  30. i think u mean talk with vioce bubbles. you type what u wanna say in the white rectangle and then press enter.

  31. today school was funny, at least at lunch. my friend did a pretend news flash of an annoying kid and the kid turned like seven shades of red. i laughd so hard milk came out of my nose! well at home cell phones ruined the fun of pushing a persin with satin clothes into a pool ๐Ÿ˜ฆ bye!

  32. ummmm…… idk wuttasay. grandma went to a painting museum,lame. heaters burn ur bacen slow,no. kids eat tvs and drool on barbies… i know! “ur just like a barbie” “aww, tall and beautiful?””no,plastic and brainless” ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. ok… i hate my dumb username. wen u see sumun named jade647 its me replacing a dum usename. ps bozocrap,swearing isnt right.

  34. if you guys are rich on animal jam send me a rare and get a non member bow i got like 8 bows so yea i can send you a bow if you send me a rare i got gray bows

  35. oh and i forgot my user is yoyofrancis look me up and send me a rare and i do not scam im only 9 years old

  36. man dude thanks for sending me a bow

  37. this is cool! you did a great job lucykate!

  38. chatroll is crap it just scammed my computer dude!

  39. cassidyyoung

    hi lucykate! Its ellab33. we havent talked in so long, hope ya respond, bye!

  40. AJpaleggs Jamaa T^T

    Some weirdo up dere is impersonating me ^ U.U -Grabs porcupine and aims at impersonator- CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED T^T

  41. AJpaleggs Jamaa T^T

    >.> <.< I know what you're thinking Bob U.U

  42. Lies I am not real none of my info is real solo hahahahahahah bad ppl

  43. can anyone give me a rare foxhat my user is superninjaturtle247 or a head dress would be fine

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