The Buddies of the Month!!!

This month the buddy of the month is…

And... Infinitymagicheroisback!! To both of you CONGRATS!!!

I know it's not usual for me to have two Buddies of the Month... But oh well! I couldn't choose! But here they are!










I would like to thank some friends too, for being very nice!

  1. Alaina4444
  2. Wolfiy
  3. Snailup
  4. Clodawgi
  5. Dawnray

That’s it for now!!!


  1. How do you do the crosses through the words? It would be vry helpful for my blog. Vist it at: The Animal Jam Daily Roar or

    – QAZAR

    • I think it’s only for WordPress. I just think. But, if there is one on Blogspot there should be a line through ABC. And there’s a button like that. Also, you have to highlight your words.

  2. OMG!!! I see majormajormajor like ten times a day that was in 2011 and allof a sudden hes buddy of the month. im sorry, this is permanent. i wanna be called jadeflower tho my user is AJpaleggs. plz buddy my friends (best 3) frankfree, cupcakesrock12345, and wierd511. i ❤ u

  3. I will say my buddies of the month are
    jennacutie11234 and smith10899

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