My Animals on Animal Jam!

Here are my animals… Enjoy!


This is Grand Spiritgem he is my main character!

Mythical Frozengem:Mythical Frozengem He sometimes likes to be a dragon. He is my second character.

Enchanted Magicpaw:My Wolf on Animal Jam He is a dragon… Even though he looks like a wolf… He is my third main character.

Old Icygem
Old Icy gem is part dragon part crocodile and he just love to artistic but i the most unusual way he like to do it on his body. That’s why you see swirls o him.
Duke Icygem
Duke Icygem may look cute but on the inside he has tons of thousands of demons inside of him. He could release the power but he can’t control it. Inside his tiny body.
Sir Icystar
Sir Icystar is the younger brother of Old Icygem and has almost the exact same personality but he loves to do anything with art (including his body and paper), loves to hunt, and garden plants.
  1. ChowHunter101

    Aww…they are so pretty

  2. i love animaljam my username is godzilla204!!!

  3. i so wish my mom would let me have a membership……

  4. i want to be a member 2…………..

  5. aww nice animals i love them i will be a member soon 🙂

  6. hey everybody if u can help me by sending me a heart locket or a member top hat on animal jam that would be great!!! i’m ILoveBassHunter on animal jam thnx guys!!!

  7. how cool, i added you too, i luv u! your a hero to me!b 🙂

  8. your cool! you awsome! i dont know what else to say! i added u 2! luv u lots! 😀

  9. OMG I HAD NO IDEA THAT WAS YOU THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!! YOU ALWAYS SIT ON THAT BRIDGE. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T NOTIC YOU!!!!! I AM ALWAYS COMING UP TO YOU AND SAYING NOT U AGAIN… AND ONCE I HAD AN ARRGUMENT WITH YOU!!!! OMG IM REALLY SORRY!!!!!! My names QAZAR and I own a blog… It’s called The Animal Jam Daily Roar if you want to visit it… And again I am sooooo sorry.

  10. Man I wish I had as much rares as you my username is ba56174

  11. cool animals i like mythical frozengem the most. i have a million animals i use my wolf eternal spiritmoon and fox fairy shygirl the most plz buddy me im AJpaleggs 😉

  12. no horses? :3
    im heart44131 and im a member too XD

  13. hi im blackarabian123 and im in love with this website and i LOVE ur animals oh and btw whts ur username?

    • It’s lucykate651! Just like this blogs main name! X3
      I you wish to buddy me. I’m sorry, but I can’t. My buddy list is full.
      Thank you! I’m glad you like this blog!

  14. They r sooo cute!!! 😀 🙂

  15. Ooh these are so cute. They have such personality too!

  16. all cool! btw how do u change ur picture

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