About My Account on Animal Jam!

Okay so my name on Animal Jam is lucykate651 and yes it’s the same name as my account here. Well it’s because I had this account longer than my Animal Jam account, before this account I had Scratch(Scratch.mit.edu), then Webkinz, and so on. My main animal that I use is… Grand Spiritgem! I have all the animals on Animal Jam. I just got hacked recently by Hannahmas A.K.A my “friend”. She was one of my best friends until she hacked me and how do I know this well I’ll tell you. She was my friend one day and the next day she wasn’t my friend and I saw ALL the stuff I got hacked on her animals! How sad! Luckily I found out her password, which I will tell no one because… well anyway… I have another account with a different password which I will tell no one my other account except my real friends.

I have been hacked once more and I don’t think I’ll get on Animal Jam as much as I did. Because this person hacked the only thing that kept me on. A friend sent me Red Gazelles when I was first hacked and I never traded it since. So I don’t think I’ll come on anymore… Or very little. Sorry Jammers.

  1. I got hacked and lost my member glove and my non mem glove plus my rare flooring from halloween >:l >..> <.< kiara301 šŸ˜›

  2. they hacked me 2

  3. I never got hacked never did ~luis2235

  4. i was hacked by the same person ur “bff” hacked me now ALL my stuff is gone (all of it was rare!)

    • @lilscarlet
      That must be terrible! She hacked all of my rares but luckily I got most of them back. I’ll even give you or trade some of my rares if you tell me your user. okay?!


      • my user is aprilrules123

      • can you please get me a pink and white headress!!!!! i will do anything for it! i got hacked! please my user is kflagg please add me

      • my username is eagle856 now gimme ur rares!

      • hey lucykate651 i got hacked on my account with membership the hacker was non member she took my green dragon glove and my black glove and worn

      • Hi lucy im prince4861 i rlly liked ur pics of the wolfs! šŸ˜€ I have a picture of a cat but idk how 2 send it into aj Aq can u help meh??? when u get online add meh prince4861 and see if u could help and thanks 4 the stuff bout the packs! u rock! šŸ™‚

      • im prince4861 i have rares that i could trade get online at 3:30 any kind of day becuz i get on at dat time

      • can you get me mich anlul hat some one hack 3 lof mine piz im bat wings17 no shasap

  5. i have never been hacked before but there is one thing i do not get…. how do they find your password that matches your account with you telling them and i feel bad for all of you out there who got hacked:(:(:(GOOD LUCK GETTING UR ITEMS BACK. for revenge hack everything they have and do something worse afterwards to tell them do not mess with me!!!-cutesttailw1:):D8)=)

  6. Omg! this girl called warriorsleafpool scammed my non member bat wings and glove i hate her and im trying to get her password some how…..(user on aj: brittneylichlitner)

  7. i got hacked to day is there anyway to hack them back to get back my stuff?

  8. thts sad.. having all ur rares one day then BOOM! they all disapeer. i neva gt hacked b4 but i get how u feel……….

  9. when i was a member i got hacked pretty good.
    somebody figured out my password and delted all my clothes and my stuff 4 my den and when i went 2 my den it was a restaraunt with one plant in it! I got SO mad i started 2 cry T.T

    • I feel so helpless, I’m going to spend all my time hacking even tho it’s illegal! Lol šŸ˜šŸ˜°šŸ˜°šŸ˜°šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢

  10. I got hacked by Buster44, they took my rare items,
    but i could get them back by hacking.

  11. i dont wanna be mean but im pretty sure if you got someones password and they had the rarest thing all throughout animaljam you would probaly take them. maybe some of you wont but a lot of you would

  12. i know how to hack its really simple

  13. someone named cyborgwolfgirl hacked me!!! im SO sad she stole my black gazzle antlers!!! my mech angel helmit!!! and alot of other stuff! some1! tell me how 2 hack!!! T.T

  14. i got hacked by her to! but i cant find her pass to get it back v.v not fair shes a jerk v.v my username is fall2012

  15. I got hacked once they rook my birthday hat member item I loved it but they took it ī“ so I tried to hack her back didn’t work lost my bday hat forever


  17. i got hacked very bad somebody got on and took everything and sent it to them it stunk!

  18. I got hacked by a stupid guy named Jammer001485! He took BOTH of my RARE spiked collars! (black and green) gaaaah! Can u get it back someone? My user limegrasser… Thx

  19. i kinda got hacked once wen i logged onto my account once everything was gone my animals even my castle den but if i search it up now i have alot of animals a treehouse denand tail armor and other rares but sad thing is tht i think the oerson changed my pass i cant get onto my old account now!:[

  20. emma5686701

    hacking is not cool

  21. qftq3rgqgqwreg

    everyone dont ever be flowerpower651 friend she scammed me a bunch of times she took my dignaty!

  22. HarryPotter11327

    šŸ˜¦ someone hacked my Storage account. They took my extra Rocking Horse, I think It was ppl who wanted my rocking horse D: Please help me. -HarryPotter11327
    Friend me on AJ if you want šŸ™‚

  23. I got hacked a while ago but my friend gave me a dragon and now I have a flag black collar and a legend. Oh and I’m ur buddy lol. And I keep getting banned for nothing ):(

  24. LucyKate651, don’t tell ANYONE your password!!!! Not even your closest friends!!!! Because even your closest friends could hack you anytime if you tell them your password!!!!

  25. I got hacked and they took ALL of my rares! I had 4 bow and arrows and a headdress and alot of cool stuff and now it’s all GONE šŸ˜¦

  26. dose someone want my account

  27. anikanandluke hacked me šŸ˜” he stole my white glove.Luckily my red glove is in my other account.IMMA SUSPEND ANIKANANDLUKE!!!

  28. i got hacked by my friends older brother and he deleted everything i had i had non member bat wings :(((

  29. OMG i have seen her she is really mean for doin that she did it to me too!!!!!!!

  30. i got hacked by youtube

  31. Peeps or jammers,
    I know you feel devastated if you are hacked,but I don’t think rare items are that important…
    As long as you have good friends that will be there for you, I think we will all be happy!ī•

  32. I got all my spikes scammed a while back by lovemylove20…… i will never forget that username. i dunno her pass, but when i figure it out, ooohhhh…… revenge sounds DELICIOUS!!!!
    btw add me my username is keenyawolf
    and I feel 4 u LuckyKate- i miss all my rare items.. but now i have a few new rares…. but i am still mortified 4 everyone who has been hacked :_(

  33. I feel sorry for everyone who got hacked…

  34. i got hacked my worn non member bat wings gazelle horns worn mech angel helemet and my freedom wings my user is allparty99

  35. no hacking allowed, kacekitty 16 is my sis’ account she was crying and asking questions all day an she even ever not drinking in 1 day and it is all because of this now stop this… (my sis is member all her stuffs is gone poor her)

  36. could someone give me scary bat wings non member mine was scammed by some yellow wolf with black dots im really sad i was crying for two days my user is lilabug1234

  37. my username is supercanopener

  38. zippy wippy pippy… this sounds weird but maybe you will like it because it might be funny to you lol šŸ˜€

  39. I’m afraid someone’s going to hack into my account. What should I do?!?!?

  40. i got hacked today!!!! omg i went online today in my account and i usually wear my black glove with heart necklace and a little top hat but my clothes werent there!!! i went to my den and nothing was in there!! there was just a purple mat in it!!! ugh i am so mad!!! i need to find out who hacked me!!! im a nm by the way.
    add me im NyanCatROX101.

    • =C Sorry to hear that! Yeah. I have have backup users just in case I lost a lot of stuff… I don’t put everything on them though. I don’t have enough room! XP

  41. i KNOW HER! she in my school she hacked everyone who had jam acounts! so basicly 45 people she hacked +me

  42. One guy tried to hack me. He asked me for my password. But jammers aren’t so dumb that they are just going to giveaway their password. Seriously?

  43. i got scammed someone said give me a crossbow for fox hat i did it and never got fox hat. i reported that person like 50 times!!! ^Ā„^

  44. K but why u get hacked

  45. i got scammed by a boy for my lava glove member present in june if somebody has one please give it to me i do not care which one it is. and friend me my user is Hazel1010

  46. How did you get her password? Because I got hacked before and I really want to hack him back! šŸ™‚ He got a spike collar, 14 gloves, 8 headdresses, 4 tail armors, 7 nature arch ways, like TONS of rares! And if i find out how to hack he is going to be SAD like i was! šŸ™‚ I am not a mean person! But just him doing that to me I’m like a bear with cubs! He is so mean to me! I even have to go to school with him! So just think of what i go through with every day! I all ready punched him in the face from doing that to me! Nasty! Friend me my username is Lovebug1180

  47. People the rares arent so important
    The people who are naming your friends and hack you this is bad
    In animal jam i am jk1357
    I never been hacked, but i know the password of my best friend account
    I will NEVER hack him, he is my real friend
    Yes, he has got some very cool things
    I am so sorry for all of you that got hached…..

  48. Therandompenguin

    Well I got hacked and I wanted to know how to figure out some one password

  49. Alicia Dragon

    I was hacked out of almost all my clothes. I lost my golden bow and all my rares. The only clothes I had left were my pirate sword and my horn helmet. My username is: raikou99999. Please help me someone I am really sad.

  50. omg this kid hack me got my rare headrees and my rare party hat and my designer skirt the orange and pick also my epic wonders earing glove and diamond ring and my golden brick that cost me 10,000 gems!!! and my 7,000 gems the phantom!!!! now im so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please someone give me a rare!! or a acount!!

    • You can change your pass. And If you’re trying to ask for a rare account… That’s doesn’t seem right. I’ve been hacked. But, I reported the person the AJ HQ and she had to change her user.

  51. bye the way my username is panda10054 ok

  52. hello people is me again panda10054 and i want to tell u that is u want my other username and password i will give it 2 u just give me your username and password ok

  53. I feel sooo sad for all of you who got hacked… my friend cotten50235 got hacked until she got a word detector and got her rares back again, but someone keeps on getting on her uza :’C

  54. samething happened to me my bff’s user is leah1345

  55. i liked this because right now my friend is on my MEMBER account and im scared she might change the password

    • She can’t change the password unless she has the e-mail that goes to the recovery. And has the e-mail and password to get on.
      There’s many steps to change a password…
      I had to go onto the parental account, every time I got off, and I would disable the account so that the person hacking couldn’t get on.

  56. Hi I never thought a kid would have an animal jam web but it is cool with me awesome!My aj user name is efjW

  57. people these days even my best friend tried to steal my member account and she is called grace55566

  58. atleast she is suspeneded

  59. Omg I can’t beleave it I got hacked today my rare blue fox hat, rare warn , rare head dress, my five much wings , my seven gloves,my rare bow, an more I’m so mad it took me forever to get it all please if u can help get some stuff back to me would you please my user name is fled.

    • I mean my username is flerd

    • I’m sorry that happened! But, asking for stuff isn’t a good way to get back stuff.
      I had to earn some of my stuff back! I worked at it and I got most of what I lost back! It took a long time to get where I am now to where I was!
      Just keep trying. You could change your password. What I did, for the longest time, was I went on and disabled my account until I’m ready to get back on.
      I lost a lot of beta items… But, it still didn’t stop me!

  60. I know I have been trying to get ever thing back but I have been at it against for two months and all I got was a pair of wingsi try so hard everyday but nothing I wish I could get all my stuff back šŸ˜¦


  62. i got hacked by wolffever he took my rare bow non member sword golden dragon glove fox hat NON MEMBER RARE TAIL ARMOR!!!!!!!! he took like evrything i ever had!!!!!! just send me some stuff plz my username is jammer838271
    šŸ˜¦ plz send good items
    ps I CANT BELIVE HE TOOK MY RARE NON MEMBER TAIL ARMOR thats the best thing and he wont give it back!!!!!!!!! and i called animaljam HQ and they kicked him off forever!
    remmeber to send,jammer838271

  63. come on animal jam PLEASE! remambr ebizzy17 fun2play17

  64. i got hacked they took my rare bow fox hat rare spike
    my name is flerd friend me

  65. i got scam and hack now my purple bow, purple worn and lava glove are all gone………. if u wanna help me my user is wolvesofbeyond425. -BTW I NEVA GONNA TELL MY PASS-

  66. yea u got hacked to if your wondering why my best buddy did this then send MAVERICKJAMMER your user so i can tell you. and also i am in love wich youtube lol jk.

  67. Lucykate651,
    please send me gifts someone hacked into my account and now EVERYTHING is gone!!!! Please send me GOOD or GREAT gifts please. Owe and my user is leopardjam.
    Thanks bye

  68. OMG. OK SO I WAS PLAYING AJ AND I GOT INVITED TO SOMEONES DEN THE PERSON SAID “oh no! i now think i will get logged out any minute!” BECAUSE HER X-BEST FRIEND HACKED HER TAIL ARMOR AND HUGE EYEBALL! OK LET ME EXPLAIN. so i went to her den and she was sleeping with a rainy day emotion. i said whats wrong? and she said “my friend knows my aj password. she will log me out any minute now.”. she got logged out and the den glitched. it was SCARY. i nearly passed out. her friends said OH GOD. i had no free chat so i said get me out! please! the girl did nothing wrong! anyway so the fox got on her account and said no!!!!!!! not my eyeball and tail armor! DX it was scary and sad.

  69. babesarecute

    my user is newl0613 and my pass is 5072wj I will not change it but I have a blog my parents do not know about am am 7 please hack me take my stuff

  70. babesarecute

    I also am single so foxes speak out

  71. im telling you

    theres a new hacker he might have hacked you all he is really secret only i know about him cuz he is my brother his user name is butterface

  72. Want a acc username is butterfat pass is butter cup
    I got hacked they took my rare light blue fox hat šŸ˜°šŸ˜°šŸ˜°šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜Ŗ username is

  73. please give me rare things my name is ditiedibossat and pass najenabossa

  74. user on aj bloomrocks00 look me up

  75. I got hacked bye this person named Kittkatts she got onto my aj acc and stole my worn and spike! plz report her she is out hacking ppl also she hacked clawer30 stole his spike and stuff and she scammed a raccoon tail from someone she is a BAD hacker plz report her my old account was kepe plz rpeort her thx

  76. It’s so easy to get your stuff back if someone hacked you

  77. How to do it iS……….remember there pass make them go somewhere to talk to you then get there picture pretend to make a video of them to kick them off say its posted and give me my thing back I will delete it

  78. I am snowwolf098 and I am a member. I got SCAMMED!!!!!! Guess what… IT WAS FROM A NEW JAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! D:< I dont know why but i trusted him…. He scammed me my RARE FREEDOM MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND 3 OF MY FOX HATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  79. and I also got scam it was my first bow!!!!!!!! I wish I could get it back I got so mad I text my firend michelle my account I told her don’t use it it fake I really want my bow back

  80. Hmm,why can’t u tell us it other password and other user cuz u have 2 it’s different but plz plz tell us the user and pass for the other one.

    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!

    • One reason is she hasn’t been on i forever or she got banned. This all happened when if enough people reported you, you can get banned.
      Two I believe she changed her password.

  81. Hiya,ima back to tell how to hack I will give u usernames and passwords for all of them

    Animaljam123 not sure on pass should work
    That’s all I can have wait until tomorrow I might have another

  82. hi i wanted to let u all know that if u go on hopeforgray.com u will get a good laugh,s i know how u feel feeling! and some interesting information u never knew before!!

  83. here is a rare anncont
    password:not telling

  84. here is a membership annconts her name is molly and the pass is molly so if you guys comment your membership annconts i will give stuff on you annconts no scam or anything just let me do it ok ppl

  85. Hey im sugarlake no jk and i was hacked a couple years ago by pizzadrop what he didnt know was i am a professinal hacker so i hacked him got him banned and now if you would like me to hack somebody for you i need your user and pass and the hackers name i wont take anything i promise i will even tell you my pass if you want to know it šŸ˜€ Bai

  86. i have anncont so you can send me stuff im a member for ever and im magical03231 so can you send me stuff plz

  87. Poor Lucykate651! I also got hacked !!! I got all of my rates and my spike collar ale from me!!! BTW: please buddy me my username is cute2910
    šŸ™‚ enjoy jamaa and I hope that you don’t get hacked!!!

  88. hello

  89. i got hacked by quiz57 report her plz!

  90. can any of you try to get my top hat it is blue 3shyguys has it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want it back he stole all my stuff OMG PLZZ


  91. report 3 shy guys plz

  92. i got hacked by ur bff she scammed “trust trade” and i lost my rares could you give me some? ~littlepaw106

  93. Hey People!
    šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

  94. ya i always get my account xdogzovwarx hacked…I don’t know how, but first this I was a member, next time I logged on I was non member!!! plz tell me how this happened. also plz send xdogzovwarx a non rare headdress. mine was not rare, but I got it from a bff that moved….

  95. i’ve never been hacked and hope not to be hacked ever.

  96. anyone know how to hack cuz douglescat stole my buddy’s epic plush

  97. plz add me.. im.. littleer and my brothers is.. ilovemonkeys988 and his password is: monkeys1
    if not work than try monkeys1

  98. I got hacked by snuggle02. once i got to my den everything was gone. my clothing, gone. and then i got most of my stuff back. then i got 5 fox hats, 6 rare bows, and rare freedom bands. then i told my pass, it was all gone. i was so sad. so i quit that account and gone on shadowplay know a member

  99. i got hacked my user was username14 password was password14 and my password wont log me in he or she got my gazelle horns and my heels pluss my rare SKIRT!!!!

  100. and she or he put my password and user on a website im so sad NOW!!! i wanna HACK THAT PERSON FOR REVENGE!

  101. 3littlekittens

    Yay first! Hello people I am 3littlekittens.
    I don’t make animal jam videos yet but I think I will soon! My username on animal jam is starlitcat if u want to jam a gram me or something bye! (Btw I love your blog lucykate651!)

  102. Oops sorry I’m totally not first

  103. Okie I’m bored now so ima post random comments like IM SO EXCITED

  104. I have been hacked ! Do u know of any way to hack my acc back it doesn’t look like they took anything probably just wanting member acc. But I really want it back!!

  105. Hey Guys i know a member account
    User: Monkeyhue
    Pass: (why should i tell u?) this is for lucykate651 only XD!
    reply if u want it or not

  106. i just want to tell every body that hacking and scamming is a bad thing because it hurt other peoples feeling and i just want to tell you to never ever give a person your pass or your user beacause they will hack you i got hacked befor and it is not nice to hack people there is no reison to beacause you have your own stuff and if you want to be a member then just get one i wa s so sad when i got hacked

  107. I got hacked into my account they stole my new rare beta black angel wings

  108. im so sad right now and my birthday is on march 22šŸ˜ž

  109. how do they know if someone gets hacked in ur account???

  110. animaljammer909

    i got hacked my founder and black long šŸ˜¦

  111. please gift me some stuff somebody hacked me yesterday šŸ˜¦

  112. ppl you give out your username and hope for stuff here is the hacker
    hacker:lets see… a new username to hack great!!!

  113. I for got my pass word my pass weard is wootmoo

  114. I don’t wanna get hacked

  115. I got hacked and lost everything even my membership!

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