Animal Jam!!

If you people haven’t heard about Animal Jam, you people should know about it! I’ll make a list of and what are some important things to know.
First you must have an account on Animal Jam ( and second you must have an E-mail or your parents can sign you up. Now lets get down to the important stuff!

1. To get type chat or “free chat” you must log in to the parents or have your parent sign in and then got to the user your using and there will be these little thing that have a bubble and on that says type and click on the one that says type and that’s how you get “free chat”!

2. How to trade one Animal Jam… You first have to click on the picture of your animal, second right next to the clothes you will see a button called trade, and then… you can add stuff by clicking on the + button and there you can add clothes and and furniture, lastly if you want to cancel you press the x on the item you don’t want to trade.

3. Try to not say any bad words or cell phone I don’t know why but they won’t let you say a lot of thing anymore. If you happen to say anything tell me and I might have the answer why. Oh and one more thing If you have free chat please don’t make rude comments on people. PLEASE!
That’s about it.

I have a photo! Here it is:

Smiles :)

These are my friends and their friends!

These are some of mine, and there friends grinning! Enjoy!

P.S I’m the bunny with wings and my name most of the time is… Mythical Frozengem!


  1. o hi!i have a blog 2!chek it out!
    buddy me on AJim

    heres mah blog

  2. i have a blog also πŸ˜€

  3. i hav a question. How do u get the pictures?
    Its because i have a blog too. Plz tell me.
    (Thats my username)

  4. hey lucykate! i sent you a buddy request but i didnt be your buddy! :-(……im stonw123321 i sent you a jam a gram too. bye!!

  5. lucykate add me as a friend!!


  6. whats your user lucykate?????

  7. HEYO, I AM NORTY! πŸ˜€

  8. i hate my picture how do you change it?
    Im going on your blog more. This stupid computer wont let me have a stupid blog T.T oh and hi norty!

  9. P.S. for my name i did my user

  10. thx 4 budding meh i really appreciate tht! im comming on ur blog a lot more! πŸ™‚

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  12. i heart this blog! it’s cool, and so is mine! i think you could find it by looking up animal jam boom.

  13. I notice all ur friends happen to be members. *glares suspiousily*

  14. ok can you make another blog because i don’t know how to make a parent account s i can get free chat

  15. Y DID U DELETE ME????!!!!!! T.T

  16. Hi i am Ninja girl 1101 on AJ please add me!

  17. hey im teensycutelily and my sister is clanchick and laughingkookymaster add all of us if you can if you can’t it is alright πŸ™‚

  18. I love this blog! I just added it to my favorites.

  19. I loove your blog.Could ya be my buddy?
    P.S. my username is my thing for ya blog.

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  21. I also like this blog i go to many but this is my favorite. Can you also add me?? My user is Nightfurythedragon

  22. Lol srry about the second one.

  23. nimniinimniinimnii1

    have you searched me up? im nimniinimniinimnii1 the red guys in town with awesome red items XD peACE

  24. how do i make a blog?

  25. i have seen WAY better blogs. and also, I LIKE MUFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. hi i have never seen your blog.
    do you like have a jammer of thhe week????
    or a scammer of the week????

  27. please write back thanks

  28. Norty… Where have u heard tht before… Oh yea! Ur dat crazy stalker that said OMG I’m totally blogging about dis!! I’m like who r u? U, the “legendary norty” said “I’m like the LEGENDARY norty!!! I’m like “sorry I guess I’ve nvr herd of u” funny story

  29. what up jammers i have FREEDOM wings they were out in Braddy Barrs lab on june the 15 200

  30. Madison Karas

    Hi Lucy kate! Its MisterArcticClaw again. I just noticed that down in your top 10 clicks, its nyan cat! I love that! xD SYIJ

  31. Darling PrettyLilly

    Hey guys, please check out my blog! It’s called

    I worked REAL hard getting facts,pics, and there’s even going to be funny videos posted! I included my user in one of my posts, friend me if you visited the site please.

  32. hey lucy kate i see you alot on the server aldan well its trye and will u buddy me u sound like an awesome and friendly person!
    and r u a boy or girl and hiya darling prettylilly!

  33. when i wrote trye i ment to write true cause my brother was there and he messed it up ok just wanted to let u know lucy kate just in case u and ur fans on ur blog are wondering ok!

  34. Hi RaresZoom here,(nimniinimniinimnii1) I changed my user!!!!

  35. Hi lucykate651! It is Wolfie54! I am a non-member rares collector on animal jam! I have a lot of cool friends!

    • Hi Wolfie54! Sorry but I can’t be your buddy right now but I can send you a friend request as soon as I can! That’s a promise I’ll keep.


      • Ur so awesome
        I need ur help on my blog
        get back to me soon


      • Hi lucy this is Kathythemusicgirl I love ur web. can u add me my username Is Kathythemusicgirl if my buddy list full jus send a jam a gram saying let’s be buddies

  36. Oh and leave me a reply as soon as you can, because I really want to be ur buddy. Ur blog is amazing!



    You got a very excellent website, Gladiola I found it through yahoo.

  38. Lucky Kate I really want to be your buddy my user is Indians! Buddy me!! Ur blogs awesome!

  39. puppyears2000

    who has the top hat?………………………… CUZ I WANT ONE!
    buddy me (puppyears2000)

  40. buddy me guy im cooldude737

  41. hi guys its expert fistpride

  42. hey luckykate651 please buddy me my user is articice98 my stuff was taken by hackers

  43. ok i finally out-smarted those hackers here’s a tip:if people know your member or non member accounts password and can get on your guy just make a new account with a new password and transfer the membership hope this helps:)

  44. Cool blog! I have a blog too. Please buddy me on animal jam. My username is ilovefoxer222 and my blog address is and thanks

  45. i love your blog! try to buddy me but you dont have to1 my username is mis

  46. Maybe you can join my clan?

  47. nightfire is my bff! shes starting her clan from rainclan and turning it into rainDROPclan. πŸ™‚ buddy me luckate! and buddy mis.

  48. yepper! buddy me and if you do you can join raindropclan. but you dont have too!

  49. im going to pickk cherries from my cherry tree:bye!

  50. Hey! Buddy me if ya have a chance .Hat29987


  52. Cool blog! 
    I like your photo!
    ~ wo1f2000 or DarezAccepted
    (both are my accounts)
    P.S. I might see you online

  53. Yo has this blog shut down or sumthing i got a new neck chain with spikes lol ummmmm ppl r haterz cus i like sharp stuff i practice fighting with knives and blew fire from a lighter i got in alot of trouble…..for playing with knives.The fire thing my mom is use to but not knife fighting

    P.S dont be a hater cus im a scene kid

  54. everyone theres a new scammer his name is kd16 and he works alone he scammed me of my freedom bands watch out for him he works alone and is a serious scammer he’s scammed of tons of people he could be scammingright know watch out for him report him we need him off again his name is kd16 catch him.

  55. how do you take screen shots

    • I use something that came with my computer called snipping tool but if the computer doesn’t have that you could use the PrntScr button. It’s usually one of the top row on the keyboard. Also, you have to have a paint program up and press Ctrl+V, which it means hold the Ctrl button down and press V while holding down the Ctrl button. Hope this helps! =)

  56. People i know AJs daughter! i sent her something and she did not scam! she sent something back! her user is Legandary111 and my username is curly2244 have fun! πŸ™‚

  57. when i log on its loads for soooooooo long why?

  58. how do i get a blog?

    • The main thing is you have to have an E-Mail. Second think of a blog name that no one else has. That means you can not do another person’s blog URL. (Website address AKA) That’s pretty much the main things.

  59. On Animal Jam I lost my Headdress today. If you have a spare one can you give it to me? Please?

    • dude no scamming. wht you said is a total rip off. you think anyone is goin’ to believe that?!!! you are just trying to take that dudes stuff.

  60. Pls give meh a headdress πŸ˜›

  61. snowflakedaisypet

    Animal jam is the best game ever!

  62. hey can i join your blog? i really want to jion a aj blog for free but this is the only one i have found that i like! please let me join or be a admin. that would be so cool. by the way ythe name i wrote is my aj name. freind me! ps. i have three up to date 2012 codes. they are explorer explore2012 and gecko. the first two combined add up to fifteen hundred gems the last onr you get a gecko.

  63. hi retroraptor i want a top hat member top hat and member lava glove

  64. you have bad spelling- “herd” is suppose to be “heard”!!!!!!!!!

    • I can’t proof read it entirely without missing something. I usually have good spelling. When I have something that long I can’t do it all. Also, I haven’t read the page in a while. And most people I’ve met always use improper grammar. Ex: Lowercase, punctuation, saying “IKR” or “LOL”, and others. I’ve learned how to speak English since I got to America… I took English class for 11 years! I’m 15 and in 9th grade. Overall, don’t judge my spelling and grammar. It’s not nice to criticize people.

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  66. Wow kewl i made a account

  67. wanna have my account? User: Seals2monkeys
    9@$$ : Mom8Dad8

  68. Does that really work I shan’t free chat tell me

  69. im AJpaleggs or pinkkitten12345 plz buddy me and also happy almost thanksgiving! ps my blue crossbow got scammed plz get me one i undrstand and plz dont correct my grammar ( / ^ _ ^ \ )

  70. guys, how do you make a blog?
    i want to make one so much

    • All you really need is a site that lets you make a blog, you need an e-mail, and you need a valid name for the site… AKA Not taken name. It would usually tell you if it’s good or not.

  71. how do you get a headdress??????????????????????

  72. add me oshowatt30123

  73. hey why cant you say nevermind,but,kk,or peacock???

  74. hi! i have blog too! You should check it out! πŸ™‚

  75. omg i no u shelby we were doing that underworld thingy in DIAMONTs den

  76. Omg that’s really lots of nice things to know! I already have free chat and my name is forestmarch13 my name on aj is flora daisy Look for me I would LOVE to be your friend

  77. Hi” do I know what you have to post??? Drawings! All I want to see is your drawings!

  78. i think the picture cute btw if u want to buddy me its brooklynnne3432 and i record xd πŸ™‚

  79. These videos are soooo funny and I mean pics and friend me! I’m forestmarch13 thanks and I’m only 9 to so and I also did the video listen to your heart with my mother so bye!

  80. Hi guys I’m pray for brooklynn but my name is brooklynn umm……..I have cancer and I go to st Jude every week and I lost my good friend named Landon and I almost died when I hadd my surgery in 9 and my other account is forestmarch13 so friend me on my too acounts if you want but pray for me because I got to have more cancer 😦 but I know you guys will pray :)Thank you!

  81. I love aj! Sorry I’m so frighten because I’m under a tornado warning sorry but wish me luck it’s a f5 😦

  82. Hi looks like the tornado didnt hit my house I live in hollister Missouri I’m 9 and I go to hollister elementary and thanks for praying for my cousin brooklynn that’s her real name but you can friend her on fb or she is only 4 my sweet cousin her user on here and aj is pray for brooklynn and hey brookie!

  83. omg add me im sillylilli123 my favorite website game is animal jam πŸ™‚

  84. i also play and my email is so we can chat!

  85. yo dude, you should make a better blog. ( just try to make it interesting)(just trying to help)

  86. ok sorry. ididn’t mean it that way i was just like trying to get you to make like explosions or something

  87. kd16 is the worst scammer ever he scammed me so bad i lost all my legends and rares luckily he is banned forever but he made a new account where he scams and it is called isnourtcrack watch out for him jammers

  88. I’m wolfie866 send me stuff for my mailtime or add me! U don’t have to send anything good but I get a lot of views πŸ™‚

    • Wolfie866?!!?!?!? OMG ur awesome!! I’ve seen your videos! Jam on!

      • I can tell you’re Wolfie866… Your IP Adresses are the same… And the fact the comments are really close to the same time you posted this. I’m that much of a computer nerd DX
        Please don’t do this. It’s not very productive. I get e-mails for comments… Trust me I know.

  89. Hi, lucykat!!
    I was wondering how you made this blog? (basically how do you make a blog on aj?) I don’t know how and I really want to know.. plz tell me I really am excited to know!

  90. It happens to me sometimes, too. rent a camaro in Miami

  91. hey, LucyKate i was wondering if you could friend me and check out my den you seem pretty awsome P.S i have multiple dens So if you could message me when you see my den that would be great Thanks.

  92. awesome blog be my buddy

  93. Thank you I wish I could have a blog my mom says I need to be older I injoyed your blog it’s just I can’t have one because people post bad stuff. One more thing buddy me.

  94. hey,i also have a blog and play aj!

  95. I have a great blog and great life sometimes

  96. hay jammers!!!! it is me malenock on aj-animajam- please visit me webpage and leave you username in commant box for a rare! tell your frewind to go on my blog to! and also send me things for me mailtime

  97. can you guys send me stuff im magical03231 on animal jam plz send me stuff

  98. Add me I’m articwolflover2004 and btw is spelled arctic without a c

  99. How do you make a blog? I have LOTS of codes in store…. I need to make a blog! Oh, and watch out for scamming people! There’s one particular scammer called fmanisback or search fmanbackup. Anyway, search fman up and block him. He’s a total scam artist!

  100. magic20339aj

    This is an amazing blog, nice work! It is very inspiring. I am starting a blog called, please tell me what you think. ❀ I'm magic20339 on animal jam. Stay cool!

  101. please check me out, i have a new blog on here im Animal Jam Updates and Info.

  102. I have a blog too, and I was wondering how do u change the name tag?

  103. Hi! I used to play animal jam but Fman hacked me. So I don’t got my account on the computer anymore. If you want it I can give it to you! The user is penguinpalandicy. I play msp now on msp my user is crazydaisy123

  104. hey i play aj and i got scamed with my fox hat

  105. visit and comment on my blog please
    just click my name tag and go to my blog

  106. please visit my blog
    i post daily

  107. Hi Lucy Im Shuka606. I make blogs and I need help. So how do you add them to the internet?

    • Hello there πŸ˜€
      How do you add them? Usually you make an account and you can pay a little extra to make it your own, but…
      I guess you could code your own website, but have to get it credited I believe…

  108. Thanks Lucy that helped lots!

  109. rubylouisegaetani

    Hey Lucykate651. i play aj to. i have been playing for 5 years and will be getting a membership for my birthday. my user is rubyandsamuel. if u want i can add me. love ur blog

    i also have some blogs. please check them out!

    – Ruby πŸ™‚

  110. rubylouisegaetani

    yah i did. It is really the only online thing for people to play that is up to date and fun.

    -Ruby πŸ™‚

    • Awesome πŸ˜€ I don’t really play AJ anymore, for many reasons. One being that all my friend on AJ left a long time ago. Two the scammer and hackers are becoming a bother to me, and drama… Lastly, third and main reason is, I’m just not interested in it anymore… I’m kinda old for AJ as well. I do have to admit… I was their and active for more than 3 and a half years. Then I started to not go on as much.

  111. rubylouisegaetani

    ya, i understand. there have been times that i haven’t played for long periods of time due to boredom issues. But that’s what outdoors and books are for right.
    – Ruby πŸ™‚

  112. rubylouisegaetani

    yah. Drawing is one of my major things to. I have a photography site to as well as IPA and rabbit care. WordPress keeps me pretty busy.

  113. Me too! Check out my blog, I post drawings weekly

  114. I was a Beta Tester. Happy to see some other longtime players.

  115. How cool XD my old account was kittykat2.

  116. ok im awesome 10355 buddy me and leave jam a grams im gonna start a mail time a club on aj and stop hacking and scaming

  117. Buddy me i am chuenwong and i have lots of members rare and non member rares even that i am a non member!

  118. hey lucky Kate i have a blog too about animal jam i’m and i was just wondering how do you take pictures like that on animal jam with your buddy’s?

  119. excuse me but that is my account someone hacked and now are claiming this acc as theirs but my MUM spent her had earned cash on membership and then my acc is hacked and then I can not use I demand to have my acc back

    • I do not know if you are refereeing to me, but I’ve had this account for quite some time now. I haven’t hacked anyone and except one time that someone took all my stuff. But this account name is one I’ve had since my first account on a website. It was either Neopets or Scratch.

      • There are a lot of hackers and scammers on AJ. That’s why I’m not allowed to play anymore. If I was allowed, I’d say:


  120. YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!
    Listen, people, I am SO sorry to say this, but Animal Jam isn’t safe. I mean, I know it’s run by National Geographic and all. But look anywhere! It’ll tell you! I used to play Animal Jam but now mom strongly hates it. Not that she ever liked it. I want to go back on but I can’t. Okay, so there are scammers, hackers, innapropriate texting, and other things. If there was a better chat system, I would play it.
    But on the bright side, there are other great, safe, games out there! For example, Wizard101 is fun, and the safest game I know. (Although the name sounds lame.)
    There’re a few more things too, if you DO play Animal Jam, you won’t for long. I love the game, I really do! But this is a warning. Animal Jam might:

    -Get taken down

    -Deplete your parent’s trust on online games

    -Have players who want to hack, scam, and worst of all, get JUST enough info to find your house or contact you.

    -Have players who are pretending to give birth, get drunk, and a list of other things I don’t feel comfortable writing.
    And LucyKate651, I am sorry for putting this on your site about how great AJ is, but I’m just trying to get the message through. And one more thing, Wizard101 is awesome!!!!!

  121. And you can’t break the ice or the bridge. It’s impossible!!!!!

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