Hey People!

You guys know how I don’t update regularly… And I’m sorry I don’t update or post much, but I will say that I will still upload art at least every so often to once a month.

So here we go again! These are not all the ones I’ve done, just the ones that I think deserve a look.

Don't Mess With Me Art Trade Stand Tall Then Crumble Down

These two are from the comic I've been doing.

These two are from the comic I’ve been doing.

Sad to Happy Walk


About lucykate651

Heyo! To all the people and animals out in this world! I am lucykate651 Or you can call me Lucy or Gazini. I am an artist, animator, and I love to be out in nature! I don't wish to give out a lot of info about me, but I will say that I wear glasses and love to watch video/movies ^^

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  1. That sarcasm cat…
    I feel you….
    Lol!! How’s things, Gazini?! I haven’t heard from you in a while, but it’s nice to 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! Remember to visit me! I get lonely ;-;

    • Things are going well, though school is taking up a lot of my sleep. I’m getting about 2-4 hours of sleep a night on average. I should upload more art and such, but right now I am very tired and Saturdays are the nights where I get 0 sleep.
      For some reason it won’t let me get on your page D:

  2. D’aww! I’m sorry :C I’ve had hardly any time for art lately. I’ll try to fix my page. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Here’s my link though. http://www.xxsongofthewolfxx.wordpress.com 🙂 Being in only seventh grade, my sleep levels are slowly declining. I had six hours of sleep last night. And my classmates are even more slowly driving me insane! All I hear is “WHY DO YOU DRAW STUPID ANIME CATS?” To them I’m just the anime/cat freak. Wooow. Well, nice to hear from you. Hope sleep gets better 😉

    • I have also bee working on animations for class ;w; And now I’m getting VERY LITTLE to NO SLEEP. And this is making me hallucinate things… And randomly spazzing.
      This night was one of the few time I got to sleep for 4 hours C:
      The link works, but if I try to go to it another way it doesn’t :\
      No one judges me on it, because I don’t know a lot of people :T Plus I don’t draw humans or those types of eyes as much .3.

  3. Hah. All the other eyes ended up looking gross, so I had to experiment with several types until I found one I liked, which happened to be similar to the manga eyes I use on humans. I try to divide my drawings evenly between animals and people, because they’re both so fun to draw and I don’t want to lose the skill…
    I don’t hallucinate, but I get grumpy at the end of the day and end up dozing off in the car. My class is small, so that enables the fact that my group of friends was maybe 6 or 7 girls…but it’s splitting up into two or three, and it’s the boys that tease me. I happen to like the eyes I draw, so I really just try to ignore them :I Multiple people have had issues with that icon, so I’ll try to fix that. 🙂 Usually a very strong and sweet decaf chai tea solves the sleep thing. Try to get some sleep 🙂 No one likes spaz attacks (I mean, if you’re the one having them!!)

    • Ah. My eyes style is always changing or being fixed ;3; But I love doing eyes D: I mean, it’s my favorite part of drawing C:
      I don’t drink tea or soda that much…? I usually just stay up and that’s that? :\
      It’s not the first time to hallucinate… or my spaz? I’ve had way worse…

      • The eyes are the main source of expression next to the mouth. They are very fun 🙂 Which is why I am frantically searching for color contacts for my Halloween cosplay :/

  4. Fixed the icon 😉

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