Chapter 9: Awaken Me

First off I have to say I’m VERY sorry that I didn’t post this ^^’ I thought I already did ^^

Chapter 9 Title

Chapter 9:

Awaken Me

A ring of flames engulf my body and my appearance start to change.

“You have awoken the true power that lies dormant within you,”- A deep and raspy voice calls out, within my head.

“IZRAIL!” I call back.

“You can access me, now that you are sucombing into the darkness, on which you were created with. Use this time wisely…” Izrail says, with a small cackle.

“Or else, what?” I retort.

“Satan is coming,”

A cold shiver runs down my whole body, once he says that. I gulp and reply, “W-what did you just say?”

“Satan is coming. And he will not tolerate this. He will kill you. You better wake up,” Izrail says, while still cackling.

“Wake up?! You mean I’ve just been asleep this whole time?!” I say, my voice rising.

“But of course, little Dracul. You never knew?” Izrail mocks.

I haven’t been noticing the flames around me, as they are spreading and coming closer. I was too late to notice. The small flames nearby begin to catch my fur on fire. I wail and the cackling Izrail is ringing in my head. My body being incinerated. I am burning alive!

I jump awake and I’m in a den, Darkmoon, our alpha’s den. I hear a soft, cheery voice, Sera’s voice. She sounds urgent. I hear Darkmoon sounding in his usual monotone, yet serious voice. Though, I smell another one. The scent smells like thistle and blood, with a small hint of pine.

“Reed,” I think.

“Darkmoon,” Reed says, with a small rasp, “Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt this… Conversation, but what if he’s-”

“Don’t say it!” Sera shouts, “I won’t let it be true. It-it just can’t be!”

“Sera!” Darkmoon says,” Don’t raise your voice… Not now, at least. The sun will rise soon. I will get Lira then,”

Lira, she is our own medicine wolf. She is one of the best medicine wolves around. Or so everyone says. It is true Lira can be a bit clumsy, but she is a very old wolf as well. Unfortunately, I know that she can’t help me… Because, of the demon that lies within me. She would have no idea how to help one, that is unconscious, has no pulse, but can breath.

“Darkmoon, please!” Sera pleads, “I can’t let Dracul die! If-if he’s still alive, the chance to save him in now! Please, I beg of you!”

I try to get up, but my body won’t respond. I can barely move my eyes, let alone breath.

“Come on!” I think, “I need to show them. I need to show Sera I’m still alive!”

My paw begins to move towards them, but they don’t notice. I keep forcing and straining my body to move. But, they never notice.

“You want power?” Izrail cackles in my ear, “I can give you power… All the power you need! Just give the word and I’ll do it!”

“NO! I think, “You know I would never!”

“But you don’t want Sera to be sadden by the fact you may be dead, do you?” Izrail mocks, with a hint of sarcasm.

It is true, sadly… I don’t want Sera to think I am dead. I’m barely breathing, not enough to count I’m alive. I can feel my heartbeat within my body starting to come back. It seems to be pumping for an instant, then it dies down to nothing. My world becomes a burr, the world around me darknens, and the voices are now faint and distant. With a small grimace and a tear I say, quietly, “I give in.”

“You made a wise decision. Though… I must warn you… You may not like the results,”

I hear a loud buzzing sound. The sound of the gunshots from the beasts. Now, with a little crackle of… Fire! I open my eyes and I see flames engulfing me into their searing heat. I hear Sera’s voice, screaming at the sight of fire. I hear Reed yelling, probably about him always knowing I was a “freak”.

I look at my paws and the fire wrapping around them and becoming a large set of claws. The fire that is burning and taking shape on my back become huge demonic wings; with spikes to match. The fire is coming closer to me. It’s suffocating me. Soon, my whole body becomes engulfed in fire and embers. I feel like a living hellfire! My fur is burning off and my skin is darkening into a dark, navy blue. I can’t comprehend what’s going on around me fast enough to make sense. All I can see is fire. Fire, a destructive weapon, with enormous power.

The pain is slowly fading, now. It’s like my body has become as numb as the wintery world outside.

As the flames die down my body feels anew. Like I am the butterfly in the cocoon. My body feel like it woke up from that same state. I look down upon  the three wolves that stand before me  they all have the same terrified look on their faces. I feel like the look on their faces all have the same word… The word that has haunted me my whole life, “freak.”

I look down on what seems to be a new body and my claws are two times the size of a normal wolf’s paw. My tail has now split into three sections. One seems to look like a crystal, another looks like leaves, and the last one seems to be an unusual fire symbol. I have wings that are powerful and menacing. The spikes that cover my head, wings, and back make myself look like I was a being from the Reaper’s zoo.

I look back at what is my alpha, my torturer, and my only friend… My eyes begin to swell up and I turn around and exit the cave. I hear a voice calling out from behind. I erase the noise and keep on running. My wings are brushing along the evergreen trees as I run into them and knocking some over. I ran into a blizzard of a storm. The hail and ice beating along my head to the tips of my tails.

“I didn’t expect this to happen!” I scream out loud, “Why…? WHY?!”

“Dracul!” I hear a faint yell in the distance, “DRACUL WAIT UP!

“Don’t follow! I’m a monster!”

“Drac-” I hear a very loud yelp. Next comes the ear throbbing scream.

I stop for a split moment and look back. My lip starts to quiver and I speak out, “Sera?” I wait a few moments and I don’t hear a response, “SERAPHINA!!” I screech. My mind goes blank and I start darting back at the path of where I came from. Not seeing all the dark shadows that lurk between the trees.

“Buffalo crap! I hope she isn’t-”

I see Sera laying along the snow. She looks like she isn’t hurt, I give a small sigh, but. Half way through the sigh, I come in closer towards her. I am horrified to see that Sera got caught in a human’s trap. He leg looks like it can snap off any minute.

Tears began to swell up in my eyes.


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