Chapter 8: Darkness Rises

**First off… Sorry I didn’t post this sooner… I’ve had this done for about a week or so and never got to upload it…**

Here you go!

Chapter 8 Title

Chapter 8:

Darkness Rises

My body begins to have a strong power surge. It courses through my veins. I feel like my physical appearance is somewhat changing. Lotus, Soot, Ice, and Fire are all looking in complete horror. Why do they all have that expression? I think. I look down and my paws soon become large claws. Claws meant for destruction, chaos, and mass murder.


Right after Soot said that. He lounges his whole body at my neck and I fall back. My claws soon turned into a cloud of dark material. They turn back to my normal paws. Lotus comes in and pins down my front arms. Ice and Fire come in and have a big pointed object.

“So you two had the tranquilizer?” Lotus asks.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” Fire says, “Ice and I were trying to get a bigger dose. He does have another soul locked in him. Right?”

“True… He was the Reaper’s-”

“Enough!” Soot butts in, “We don’t have time to talk! Do it!”

Fire’s eyes roll and stinks the needle into the side of my neck. It felt as if I was shot by a flame coated needle. As the anesthesia flows into my bloodstream I begin to feel dizzy. The world around me is becoming a blurred image. I see the figures of the “guardians,” but the same dead, grey landscape remains the true colors…

“I-I,” I began to think, “I can’t let it end here… Not here…” I fall to my side and my eyes begin to water. I close my eyes… “I wish I was stronger…” I think, before passing into the state of unconsciousness. A couple of tear droplets escape from my eyes.


A warm liquid flows out of my body and spreads across the grey landscape, blood…I sluggishly open my eyes. My vision is blurred and I can’t stand. The world around me is spinning around unison. My muzzle, neck, legs, abdomen, and as well as my tail are tied down. I can’t move. I hear mumbling.

“Lotus is it almost ready?”

Lotus replies, “Yeah… He’ll be – soon and- his – and-”

I can’t make out everything Lotus is saying. I’m straining my ears just to hear, “What are they saying…?” I think, “I can barely hear a thing…” Someone comes closer without me realizing and shouts.

“He’s awake!” A low raspy voice calls from behind, yet the voice seems to have a calm side…

My body jumps as the voice calls out. My senses are all over the place.

“He is? Well… Looks like that anesthesia we gave him wasn’t enough to hold him for 48 hours… In fact… It only held him for an hour… Looks like the extra soul he has is much more powerful than we anticipated… Do you think it’s safe to use the Life Orb early?”

My vision starts to clear and I see Lotus and Soot. I start to notice things I haven’t seen before in them. Lotus is very thin around the waist, but have thick muscles around her arms and legs. Soot is tall and muscular but he has thin looking arms… Ice and Fire is no where in my line of vision, but. I am on the brink of death, yet my senses are on edge. I feel like I should use this knowledge to my advantage. But… How? I’m tied down and I can barely keep myself awake.

I make a small grunting noise and try to squirm out of this strong, durable rock.

“You can’t get out. It’s called metal. The humans sure can make some fine stuff,” Lotus says, while a smirk slowly appears from her cheek.

“Don’t forget, Lotus, Satan is very impatient right now. We should hurry! Before he…-” Soot  stops in the middle of his discussion.

They all stop and look at me. Wings are appearing from my back. I force all of my life and the energy I have into getting up and out of this “metal.”

“Won’t give up…” I say, in agony, “I won’t give up! I WON’T GIVE UP, YOU HEAR ME!!

A dark ring of power pulses around me and spreads out in all directions. My eyes begin to glow a faint reddish orange and my claws enlarge. The dark power I felt before, is returning.


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  1. You good at drawing wolves!

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