More Art Spam :|

I have a lot of art 😐

Willow- Speed of Light Loki-Thousand Years Lark-Battle Stance Flameshine Kowoii-Landing Sander Anthro Random Cat Adoptable Experiment 114 Inside Lies a Demon Samil-younger Gazini-pup Insomniatic Gazini Sitting 75 Adoptable Cat adopt 57 Adoptable 556 Adoptable Scylla Sear-Pen Samil-Sketch Luke-Sketch Fluffy of fluffs Younger Samil and Baby YinYag YinYang is Sad YinYang Sleep Gazini Colored-laying Gazini-Colored Sitting

This is all I have that are not Gifs ^^

Most of these are either:

A. Adoptables or

B. Requests or commissions




~Peace, Love, ad Human Stupidity…



About lucykate651

Heyo! To all the people and animals out in this world! I am lucykate651 Or you can call me Lucy or Gazini. I am an artist, animator, and I love to be out in nature! I don't wish to give out a lot of info about me, but I will say that I wear glasses and love to watch video/movies ^^

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