Chapter 6: Dark Powers





Chapter 6:

Dark Power

Chapter 6 Title

“W-what’s with this place?” I mumble, “Soot… SOOT!” Soot turns around and notices me on the ground, hunched over.
“What is the matter, little one?” He says calmly.
“W-w… WHAT’S WITH THIS PLACE?!” I shout in both anger and sadness, “Why do these animals have faces of the wolves I know?! WHY? Why…?” My eyes start to get teary.
“We thought it would make you feel better…” Soot says calmly, “Lotus thought it would be good to make your friends and pack member their personality the animal they represent,”
“I have no friends…” I say, calming down, “I’ve never had any!”
Lotus starts to talk. “Well… You may not notice, but I think you do. Or maybe you don’t want to accept it, but you do have someone. Any wolf by the name of…” She pauses and resumes, “Sera? Ring a bell?” I notice a small smirk on her face and my heart races.
I try to hold in the anger I have. I stare to bare my teeth, but then held it in. I bit my lip. The anger slowly grows. Ever so lightly. Blood starts to emerge from my mouth. The warm crimson-color blood. It now trickles down my mouth and onto the cloud cover.
I don’t notice, but there’s a small dark, visible, aurora surrounds me and my eyes starts to glow. My pupils soon envelope my eyes. All I can see is a dark light. It feels like a thousand strong blades trying to rip open my body. This anger… I think, I can’t hold it back much longer… W-what’s going to happen if I release it? 
“Ice! Fire!” Lotus yells.
“RIGHT!” They say in sync.
Fire takes out a flame-colored belt. He spins it a few times and the belt flames up. Fire’s eye turn to a burnt red look. While, Ice has a necklace at ready. Her eyes to to an icy cold glare.
Fire’s belt wraps around me and I feel the fiery belt singe my body. The fires feel like it’s taking out my soul, right from it’s owner. I look up and my mouth opens wide. A high pitch hits the air. My voice sounds like the voices from my dreams, or rather nightmares…
Ice steps in and the ice pendant glows and shoots an Ice arrow into my neck. I don’t pass out or bleed, but I feel the pain of the ice arrow in my throat. The ice is spreading throughout my body. It feel like needles from a thistle tree scratching, jabbing at my insides. I can’t take much more… I think, I-I c-can’t…
My eyes go back and I feel my body slip… Fight it!! a familiar voice calls Fight it! Fight the pain! 
“Izrail?” I think, “Is that you?”
“Of course it is! Now fight it! If you pass out now you’ll die!” Izrail shouts in my head.
I start to regain consciousness. My body still feeling the pain. I struggle to hold on. Cling to my life… I whisper to myself, Sera… Wait for me. I promise I’m coming back to the living world! I growl and close my bloody mouth. The numbness soon turning into muscle. I strain my body to get out of this mess.
“I will not lose!” I shout, “I.. WILL… NOT… LOSE!!”


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