Chapter 5: The Guardians of Life Justice


Chapter 5:

The Guardians of Life Justice

Chapter 5 Title

Starting from left to right, for the guardians is: Ice, Fire, Soot, and Lotus. (For those who don’t know or haven’t guessed…)

“I’m asleep… I know I am,” I think, “B-but… Why? Why do I feel like I’m still awake?”

I feel like I’m on a bed of puffy moss. But, it doesn’t feel as soft… It feels softer. More plush. My body is telling me I should just rest here and sleep, but my mind is telling me Danger! Danger! Get out! Get out!

I open my eyes. At first the sun beats down on me. My eyes slowly adjust to the lighting. Once my vision clears, I find myself on top of a cloud. The cloud feels like a soft pile of moss or what the humans call, a pillow. Everyone said that you can’t touch a cloud… It’s just water. Still, the cloud I am standing on is solid. I do sink in a little, but not much. It feels somewhat buoyant…

I look around and see the most beautiful creatures. Some had a mix of colors; pink, orange, red, purple, cobalt, green, and many more. These animals all see like a fairy tale. All the animals had a weird number or symbol on their back. They all look at me for a moment and then resume to, what seems like, their oppressing matters.

“Hello,” A voice calls, “We’ve been expecting you,”

I turn around, quickly, and see 4 wolves on their hind legs. All wearing white satin robes covering their body, a pendant, and all having a symbol on their backs.

“W-who are you? What are-” I start.

“Before you say anything, little one,” An ice-furred wolf says, interrupting, “We are the Guardians of this land… We are called, the Guardians of Life Justice,”

“Hello…?” I say, uninterested.

“We are here to guide you, Dracul,” A soot-furred wolf says.

My heart skipped a beat, eyes widen, and I freeze. “H-how do you know my name?” I say, in shock.

“Our names are-”

“I asked you a question…” I interrupt, “How do you know my NAME?!” I ask, getting infuriate.

“My, my. You sure are a lively one!” A flame-furred wolf says, in a mocking tone.

“Answer me,” I say, my voice lowering.

“Well… We were the ones who brought you to the earth below! Of course we know your name. Though, it was quite a long time ago,” A lotus-furred wolf says.

My eyes widen even more. I don’t respond.

“Now… You must not remember our names. I am Soot, to my right of me is Fire, to the right of him is Ice, and to my left is Lotus. We will be guiding you back to us. One way or another,”

“Wh-what?! What are you talking about? Guiding me? What for!?” I speedily say.

So many thoughts are racing thru my head. All of which involve this cloud paradise. “What’s with all the animals? They all have the strangest pattern.” I think, “What’s with all of those numbers, too?”

“Come Dracul,” Soot says, “We need to speak with you, at the Orb of the Past.”

I open my mouth to protest, but nothing comes out. No words, no anything… I quit and slowly make my way towards them, cautious, but still following. The animals here, now seeing them up close, all have these weird faces. Some creepy, some sad, some in pain, and the ones that caught my eye were the ones I recognize back in the other world I lived in. “What’s with these animals?” I think, “They all have weird facial expression…”

I soon come across an owl. It had the number one imprinted on it’s chest. as I start to look up towards the face of the owl my eyes widen, my heart races, My body freezes and starts to shake, I fall down and a tear comes out. The owl has the face of Sera.


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