New OC: Zac

Yep! Say hello to him! 😀

Do not mind the picture in the corner It's my new logo XD

Do not mind the picture in the corner It’s my new logo XD

Name: Zac Sycamore (Keep the last name?)
Gender: Male
Age: 19 years old
Species: Wolf Anthro
Family: Mom N/A Dad N/A
Likes: swimming, beaches, sharks, orcas, dolphins, and some other marine life…
Dislikes: pollution, coal-powered things, cell phones, animal abuse, and abusive people
Personality: Carefree, wild, energetic, serious when he wants to be, friendly/kind, etc.
Information on his life: Zac likes go swimming, searching to find someone or something… He will work/do anything to accomplish his dreams. He plans on being in the marine corp. Unfortunately, he cannot due to his lack of seriousness and that he has disjointed his arm. Though, his arm is completely healed he shouldn’t over work it or his arm will become paralyzed. Zac is an adventurous type when it comes to the oceans and lakes. Zac plans to visit and study the sharks that live in different countries. Zac has always been a free-spirited person. Almost never seen with a frown. He’s very optimistic and tries to see the best of things. Some of the neighbors and towns people look up to him. When the kids see him they run over and want to play.

Reason why Zac loves sharks: When Zac was about 7 he decided to try to swim in the ocean. His parent weren’t watching him and he got pulled in from a rip-tide. Zac almost drowned. But, he was saved by sharks. The sharks there were usually aggressive and moody, but to his parents amazement a bull shark was carrying the washed up Zac to shore. The parents look at their child and the shark and thanked it. The shark seemed to know what they were saying and left. Zac soon woke up and called to the shark saying, “I’ll repay this debt to you one day…”
Zac’s parents nodded and his dad got some left over meat and threw it to the sharks. For 2 years Zac went to the shore and gave the sharks meat.
Finally, when Zac was 14 there was a big storm (hurricane), he thought he heard a voice saying help me. He snuck out into the storm and he say the shark that saved him so long ago being battered by wood and rubbish. He got a rope and said “hold on!” Zac pulled the rope and the shark bit on and was saved. The debt was repaid and both of them knew it. The sharks left that day, but came back every year in the summer.

Zac’s Reference





~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


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