Chapter 4: Fake Smile, True Heart

Sera is the only one who is covered in snow because... READ THE STINKIN' CHAPTER TO FIND OUT!!! DON'T BE A LAZY BUTT!!!!!

Sera is the only one who is covered in snow because… READ THE STINKIN’ CHAPTER TO FIND OUT!!! DON’T BE A LAZY BUTT!!!!!

I swish around, in surprise, to see Sera standing there, puzzled. Sera is a beta wolf. One of the top fighters in the pack. I’m just an omega… Although, for an omega I get to sleep in a den, with the other wolves.
“Oh! Uh… Yeah,” I say, nervously.
“Can you tell me what you’re doing out here?” Sera asks.
“Nothing. I’m just stargazing,”
“Really?” She says, in doubt, “The why is the snow around you melted?”
“Uh… No reason! I just…-”
“Come on Dracul! You know I can see right thru you! Are you alright? I haven’t heard you talk for a while. Ever since we were pups you always seem to avoid me. Why is that?”
“I guess you could always see right thru me. Huh? Well, I guess-”
“Wait! Let me guess… Reed?” Sera says, interrupting.
“How did you know?” I say, sarcastically.
“Just a hunch,” Sera replies, “So what did he do to you?”
“Smacked me into the rocks. In the den, I mean,”
“No!” Sera yelps, as she gasps, “Why do you put up with Reed? He has no right to hurt you! You’re better than him! You don’t fight back! Why can’t he just grow up!?”
Because I have no choice… He makes ugly threats towards me, I think, I don’t want you to get emotionally or physically hurt anymore… “Look… I don’t want to see you sad. It brings me pain. Please, just don’t tell him anything. I’m afraid-” I stop, thinking she will do this.
“You’re not alone. You’re never alone. I’ll be fine,” She says, smiling, “Besides, I’m one of the packs greatest female fighters after all! Right?”
“He… Yeah you’re right,” I say, putting on a fake smile.
“Why do you keep doing that?”
I look in confusion at her, “Do what?”
“Use a fake smile. Why can’t you just smile, for real? Why can’t you look me in the eye?” She says, in suspicion.
I sigh and look up. “It’s because…” I stop and see Sera glowing. She is glowing with a strange whitish -greyish light. She seems to fill the cliff with beautiful snow, circling her. What’s going on I think, Why is she glowing?
“Something the matter?” She says, touching my paw. She quickly sprang her paw back, “Your paw is on fire! It-it feels like a fire!”
I snap out of my trance and my eyes start to widen. “What? Oh! Uhh. I guess I have unusually warm body heat-”
“All the snow around you has melted as well? I guess you have really warm body-heat!” She exclaims, “Hey, Dracul?”
“Hmm? What is it?”
“D-do you like…-” Sera’s voice starts to fade.
“Huh?” My eyesight is starting to blur, “What was that? Sorry… I think something is going on with my hearing,”
“Oh! Sure! Do you like…-” Sera’s voice is starting to fade again… My eyesight is starting to blur, as well.
What’s going on?,  I think, Her voice is fading… My-my eyesight is failing… What’s going-”
“You are fading…” Izrail says, with his telepathy trick.
“What?!” I whisper.
Sera’s voice echos, “Who… Talking… Dracul? Dracul?”
I start to wobble, then fall into the snow. The snowflakes are starting to become heavier.
“What’s going on?,” I think, “M-my body… Is starting to become numb…” 
I weakly look up at Sera. Her face is filled with fear. She looks as if I’m going to die. I feel like I am.
“N-n-no… Sera… Don’t give me that look!” I try to say. It was no use… I couldn’t move my lips. My eyes start to close. “S-S-Sera… Please, don’t give me that look… I-I’ll be alright… Just watch” Still no words came out.
I feel tears, my tears. My tears feels like a thunderstorm. I soon remember that look. It was sure. It was the day they found me… That cold, harsh winter. It felt like I was on the verge of death. but, I didn’t die. I was saved…
I’m sorry… I struggle to make at least one word come out, “S-Sera…” I weakly say.
She comes forward a few steps and lays next to me. Before, I start to drift off in an unconscious state… I feel a tear land on my cheek.


Done with this!! 😀 Enjoy it!!




~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


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