Chapter 3: Truth that Laid Behind the False Wolf

Chapter 3... Another snowy title...

Chapter 3… Another snowy title…

At the edge of the territory there’s a cliff with a beautiful lookout view. The cliff is far above the ground. If anyone drops from this place they would die within heart beats.
I always come to this little sanctuary and look out into the sky. The stars are scattered across the sky. The stars lit up the sky as if the moon was the spotlight and the stars was its audience. I would usually come at dawn. The sunrise was my favorite thing to look at. All the shades of violet, red, blues, and yellows fill the sky. I can never get my eye away from this place.
All, of the other wolves just want to kill, defend, or hunt. I’m the lone wolf who likes to see the beauty in things. My imagination is they key for me to stay here. On this world. Reed has no idea that when he is torturing me with his words and paws I reflect back and see the same thing happening to him. He wants to looks cool. But, he is and always will be a jerk.
I don’t think Reed would come out here. I don’t even think anyone would come out here… Here there’s not much to defend. Who would ever bother to come all the way out here… Especially at night. We’re not even supposed to go out just to get a drink. They say it’s because of the devil’s servant. They say if you go out… You’ll never be seen again.
As I sit down onto the frigid snow. The snow begins to melt. As if I was a little flame. I start to lay down in the snow, but still no cold. It all melts. Green grass, covered by the snow, slowly appears from its dormant rest. This isn’t normal, I think to myself.
“What’s going on? What’s happening?” I say out loud.
“He he he, like I said, am your inner demon,” Izrail says, mockingly.
My heart starts to race. My anger is arising from the dark pit it was in. I have never felt this kind of emotion that’s swelling up inside of me.
“Izrail! Tell me what the heck is going on! Why the heck is all the snow is melting around me?” I whisper, almost losing it to the point of shouting.
“If you must know,” Izrail appears next to me, “It’s partially because the fact that you aren’t really a wolf…”
“I’m not?” I say, still in rage and not noticing
“No… Your past will tell all”
“My past?” I say, in confusion. Now starting to notice Izrail.
I start to calm down. My nerves begin to relax and my fur stops rising. My heart begins to pump in the normal pattern.
“Yes, your past. You were born because of the wholly angel, Satine,”
“Satine?” I interrupt, “ Isn’t he only supposed to look out for us?”
“Silence!” Izrail booms, “Satine was creating a perfect animal, but was interrupted. He was interrupted by death himself, or the Reaper. As you know, he collects souls. When it’s their time to pass on, he doesn’t just send them to a random place. He judges the time of the being that once lived in the living world. The bad in their hearts fuel them to become an evil and corrupt mind. Hatred, greed, and selfishness are what fuels the being. If the being was never considerate or forgiving to others, without changing its ways, it will become a sin and will go down to the pits of the underworld,”
“So I’m guessing if the being has either changed its ways or has always been good, it gets to go to Heaven?”
“That is correct. Now, if you listen carefully. You will see why you have me. While Satine was getting something special, the Reaper was tampering with the perfect animal, in this case you. He gave you unusual powers, which is what caused you to have these colors. He, also, sealed me within you,” He says, in great detail.
“But why haven’t I ever heard and seen you, before?” I say, in a curious voice.
“You have heard me… Don’t you remember?”
“Remember what?” I say, in confusion.
“Don’t you remember?” He repeats, “Your first encounter with Reed?”
My eyes widen. “That was you?!” I exclaim.
“Yes!” He says, annoyed, “That was the day you saw Sera cry… You never wanted that to happen again… Deep inside you, you wanted to kill Reed for making her cry. So, you released me,” He pauses for a moment and continues, “The Reaper sent me to tell you all that has and will happen. He says I should guide you through this tough time. For all he knows, it could be an all out war! On top of that,”
“Wait!” I interrupt, “What are you talking about? Guide me thru what?!”
“What is it Izrail?” I ask.
“Nothing… I should not have told you this so soon. You are not ready…” He answers, with a sober look.
“Hmm? What do you mean? I’m ready for anything!”
“If that is so, I don’t think we should wait any longer. You have not begun training. This-this battle that will soon come… Lots of lives will be lost. Are you prepared for that?” Izrail says, looking concerned.
“Of course! I know th-that I will need to go through lots of excruciatingly hard training and exercises! I am-”
“But… Are you willing to forget about your friends in battle? Are you willing to make any sacrifices that need to be done? Tell me!” Izrail exclaims.
My eyes widening, heart racing, and hundreds of images pop into my head. All having one look… Fear. If I have one friend… I think, will I really be able to leave my friend behind? What if I make more than one? What will I be able to do? Nothing?
“A-are you sure? I have to forget all of them? I mean”
“If you don’t … Even more lives will be lost. In a battle you must remove all fear… If you want to be a leader of an army… You have to show courage and willingness. If you don’t,” he pauses for a while, “You should die now,”
“No! I-I-I can’t!” I say, starting to stutter, “What about-”
“Hey Dracul! Awfully late to be out here, isn’t it?” –


And another one done 😐

Who is this mysterious wolf?

Find out in the next chapter!!






~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


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