Chapter 2: A Scarring Past

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Chapter 2:

A Scarring Past

Here's Dracul and Reed. This is Dracul's first time meeting Reed... Tough right?

Here’s Dracul and Reed.
This is Dracul’s first time meeting Reed… Tough right?

I am walking out into the bitter, cold winter night. The clouds are spread out across the midnight sky. The snow starts to fall once more. The snow is ever so lightly falling on the, already, shimmering snow-covered land. I walk past all of the other dens, except the Alpha’s den. I keep walking while covering up my tracks. My tracks can still be seen, but only if you have a good sense of sight.
The wound Reed gave to me is no longer bleeding. Though, It still stings. When the snow falls directly on it, it feels like the thorns from the thistle weed are wrapping itself inside my blood stream. The snow is almost up to my shoulders. The only good thing is the wind is going my way.
My paws are still sore from last weeks training. It’s already hard enough to get thru this snow covered land. My paws feel like I’m walking threw a meadow of fire… This pain is nothing compared to my emotional and past conflicts.

“Dracul! Dracul! Come on over!” Sera said, with a cheerful face.
“Oh okay!” I said, nervously.
I ran over to Sera with shaky feet. Until, something, or someone, knocked me over. I was pushed into a rock. I fall to the ground and coughed up a little blood. It hurt like crazy. It felt like someone stuck a branch into my spinal chords.
“What do you think you’re doing, FREAK!” Reed said, “You don’t belong here. You belong in the depths of hell! You should be the Reaper’s pet!”
“Leave him alone, Reed!” Sera shouted, from behind, “Dracul didn’t do anything! So why are you hurting him!”
I started to get up. As Sera was trying to protect me. I was pushed back down with a rock to my head. I fell with a thud and my eyesight started to get blurry. The blood was trickling into my eyes and I hear Sera pushing Reed down and run towards me.
“S-Sera? Are you there?” I asked, in a hoarse voice.
“Y-yes I am, Dracul,” Sera said, sounding regretful.
“I’m sorry, Sera… I wasn’t strong enough. If only,” My eyes begin  to water, “If only I was strong…”
“Dracul… It’s not your fault! I should have-” Sear stops and I hear sniffling.
A tear fell onto my face. My eyes widened and I became teary-eyed.
“Why are you crying, Dracul?” Sera said, starting to lay down next to me.
“B-because… I don’t want to see you sad,” I said, putting a fake smile.
She laid next to me weeping say sorry over and over again. She never left my side. She was so worried. I never wanted to see this beautiful, cheerful wolf to be sad. She was the one who wanted to take me in. At the time, I had been there for about 2 months.
The medicine wolf soon came over and took me to the healing den. Sera came in, soon after, and asked if I would be alright.
“Is he going to be alright? Please tell me Dracul will-”
“He’ll be fine in no time. I just need to stop the bleeding and then he just needs to get some rest,” Skylark said, calmly.
“Okay! Thank you! Do you mind if I stay with Dracul? You know? Until he feels better?”
“I knew you were going to ask that… Yes, yes you may stay here with him for a little bit. But, would Willow mind if you stay?”
“Umm… Maybe?”
“Well I think you should. This little one seems to be a tough fighter. He hasn’t passed-out yet. He should be fine till you get back,”
“Okay! Thank you Skylark!” Sear said, joyfully.
Sera ran out of the den to ask her mom if she could stay. I would be happy if she could stay.
“So, little Dracul. What exactly happened for you to get into this mess?” Skylark asked.
“I-” I started coughing and blood was spilling out of my mouth.
“Oh my! Don’t speak Dracul! Your condition is worse than expected! Could you at least tell me who did this?” Skylark ask, in a worried voice.
“R-Reed…” I said, as I started to drift into an unconscious sleep.
“Dracul!” Skylark’s voice started to fade, “Stay with me! Dracul! Dracul… Stay with me… Stay-”
I passed out. Beaten up and bruised. I woke up into this dark room. A void of some sort.
“Ha ha ha…” A voice, cackled.
“W-who’s there?! Come out!” I said, in terror.
“You worst nightmare will come to you soon…”
“I asked; who’s there?!” I shouted.
“All will be revealed in time, Little Dracul,” The voice said, still cackling.
The demonic voice left, but new-more terrifying- voices call out. The blood-spattering sound came and went. Phases of noises, sounds, and voices come from all directions… 

This is the day my terrible dreams began…


Chapter 2 Complete!





~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


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