Chapter One: The Dream

The Will to Live

Chapter 1: The dream

Chapter 1: The Dream

Chapter 1:

The Dream

          They have always called me a freak, just because of the color of my fur. It’s not fair. It’s never fair. No one ever thinks of me as an equal. If I could be normal, I would. Why can’t they just let go of the fact that I can’t help being different? They always look down upon me. The same cold stares… What if… What if they knew? What I have to go thru…? Maybe then, they would understand. Still… That look on their faces. They look at me as if I was… A demon.

         Could it be because of my fur? Could it be the fact I’ve never had a family? I know one thing is for sure…  I know that I’ve never really had a “happy” childhood. I’m always alone. I guess no one would ever think of me as ‘normal’.

         My name is Dracul, meaning devil or dragon. I have a navy blue pelt with a scarlet red muzzle and tail-tip. My paws are a normal shade of brown, but my hind leg carries a strange flame-mark. My eyes are a dark reddish color. There are these strange grey lines around my front elbows. I guess I wouldn’t be normal… At least, not by my appearance.

         “This again? Please don’t tell me!” My eyes widen, “God no! I hate this place… It makes me feel as if I’m being suffocated…”

         Recently, I’ve been have these dreams, which seem very real. It’s a nightmare of mischievous things. All of my senses are heightened and every bone and muscle in my body are on edge. This is the dark realm of the haunted. At least, that’s what I call it.

         The dark realm seems to have a somewhat ominous smell, the smell of herbs, fire, and tears. The sound in here are the souls terrifying cry, the horrifying agony, and bones shattering from the owners flesh. The sound of blood being spilled from an innocent creature. This maniacal laughter of a young wolf, slaughtering a brother, sister, or both! When I try to breathe from my mouth… I can taste the rotting corpses. But, all I can see is me. It all seems as if all the things are revolving around me. I can’t help but feel utterly useless and scared.

         Though, tonight, tonight is bit different. The thing that has been haunting my dreams finally appeared, from the dark realm it was in.

         “Hello, little Dracul,” An eerie, cracked voice calls, “Glad to finally meet you… Face to face,”

         I quickly look over to my left and a see a tall figure. The shady figure is shaped like a dragon. It looks to be 8 times taller than me. The ends of the tail split into three symbols. The one in the middle seems to have a faint lite. These red-orange eyes feel like it’s piercing my very soul. There seems to be a hard, shiny plate covering his left paw.

         “Wh-what do you want from me? Who are you? What are you?” I say, to the beast.

         “I’ve been ever so patient to say… I am your inner demon. They call me Izrail,

meaning Angel of Death. As you can guess I am a dragon… One of the Reaper’s followers and helper,” Izrail says.

         “A dragon? So I guessed right…” I say. This can’t be real. I thought to myself.

         “Oh, this is real. I truly am… Your inner self,”

         “No, no, NOO!!” I scream, waking up in horror.

         “What the heck?! Why did you just scream, freak? You just woke us all up!” Reed shouts, with furry.

         While ignoring Reed, I am mumble to myself, saying, “That wasn’t real. That wasn’t real!”

         Reed quickly got up and walks over to me. His eyes enraged, by me… Just for not answering or noticing him. He stands over me, claws my face, and kicks me. I hit a jagged boulder. I’ve been hurt dozens of times… But, it still hurts.

         I slowly start to get up. I’m struggling to make it to my feet. My body is straining. Blood is running down the side of my face. I’m panting so fast I can barely breathe.

         A voice starts to ring out You want to kill him? You want to make him pay? Don’t you? Go ahead… Let that furry out… I’ll even help you!

         My eyes widen, heart accelerating, and my body starts to boil. “No… No… No!” I think to myself “I’m not a killer! I’m not… A murderer,”

         “Ah! So you want more huh? Well fine by me!” Reed says, mockingly.

         “Sorry, I gotta go,” I say, solemnly.

         Reed starts to yell and shout at me calling me names, but I proceed walking towards the entrance of the cave. I hear Reed mumbling to the others. He’s probably spreading rumors or something.

         Before I get out of hearing range I hear Reed saying to others, “That freak, he should know better than to go outside the den at night. On top of that, tomorrow is a full moon. Oh well, let’s get back to sleep,”

         “Just as I thought,” I think, out-loud, “He never calls me by my name…” I was about 15 feet away when realizing I’m still dripping blood and my paw prints are clearly visible. I go to a nearby branch and start covering up my tracks. It was still visible, but not by much.

         “It isn’t snowing for the time being. It probably won’t start again till later… The other wolves can probably smell my blood… How am I going to cover… I know!” I gather some pine needles and start spreading them out, as if the wind blew them around. Carefully, I put a few other scent-blocking leaves around and starting padding of into the cold night.

Chapter 2 is in Progress…

~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


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