The Will to Live: Prologue

Okay people! I finally started getting back into the book I was writing!! 😀 Enjoy the prologue!!


The Will to Live:


I am lying in the snow. The sheer cold of the snow and hail. It feels like there are spears stabbing, wounding me. What seems like forever, a two wolves look over at my direction and whispered. I heard a young wolf’s voice. She sounds a little bit over 4 months.
“Momma? Who’s this guy?”
The mother didn’t reply.
I try to open my eyes, but with all the hail and snow. It seems impossible. Finally, when I got my eyes open I see the little wolf; she was younger than expected. About half the age younger than I thought. She has very noticeable eyes. -Hazel blue to be exact- These warm caring eyes just kept staring. Her fur was a mix of browns, greys, and a tint of white.
Her paws blend into the snow. It looks as if she didn’t have any.
“Momma? Who is this guy?” The young she-wolf repeats, whining. The young she-wolf soon looks at me and asks, “Who are you? Do you want to come to our camp? I can show-”
“Seraphina, dear,” The mother begins, “That’s enough. We can keep him” The mother’s face turns into anguish. “I-I don’t think we can do that… I’m sorry but-”
“And why not?” Seraphina protests.
“Who knows where this pup came from. He’s alone. I-I’m sure he’ll make it. Some other pack may take him in” The mother wolf tries not to show signs of pity.
“Mamma!” Seraphina exclaims, “What other pack is foolish enough to come this far into the pack territories?”
The mother’s eyes widen. The pitiless look soon turns to fear and distraught. She looks at Seraphina, then at me, but quickly turns back to Seraphina.
The mother takes a big breath and exhales, deeply. “Alright. You win.” Seraphina eyes widened and a big smile arose from her face. “But! We have to make sure the Alpha will allow it.”
“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, mother!!”
“Hey! Sera-” She sighs and turns to me. “Well, looks like you might have a fighting chance of survival,”
The she-wolf looks at me, walks towards me, and picks me up by the scruff. By that time, My eyes were starting to close and fall into an unconscious state of being.

I awake, finding myself in a den. Well out reach of the harsh winter environment. It was warm. I was laying on a small patch of grass and dry leaves. The sounds of an older male wolf and a familiar she-wolf voices muttering off in a close distance.
“So, can the boy stay?”
“I don’t think so. He might be from a traveling pack”
“Darkmoon… Please? Seraphina seems to take a liking to the newwolf. She take care of him and cuddles next to him.”
“I’m sorry Willow. I can’t let you. What if-” Darkmoon gets cut off.
“Will your really let a young wolf pup die?! Will you really make my daughter feel heartbroken? What if the wolves who took care of him don’t come back? What if-”
“Alright! But, I won’t guarantee his full safety. Just be wary of that. Okay?”
Willow gave a respected bow and say “Thank you. And yes, I will be wary of all of our safety. Including mine.”
The alpha pads out. The mother goes over to Seraphina and nods with great joy. Seraphina’s face lights up.
Seraphina trots over with glee.
“You’re awake! That’s great!” She has a big, warm smile. As if she was the sun. “Hey… You never answered what your name was… Can you tell me?”
“My name is…” I pause… Hesitant of telling these strangers.
“What is it? Cougar got your tongue?” Seraphina begins to laugh.
Her mom looks over her and she stops.
“Oh uh… I should say mine. My name is Seraphina! Sera for short.”
“My-My name is…” I begin to stutter, “My name is Dracul,”
“Dracul? He he! What a funny name!”
“Hey! Not as funny as yours!” I spat back.
Sera looks at me with great confusion. “I was only joking?”
“Oh…” Embarrassed I start to blush. “Sorry… Never heard of a joke,”
“It’s okay! I’m just glad you’re okay! Not everyone, especially a pups like us, can survive a harsh winter like this! I hope we can become great friends!!” She says, with enthusiasm.
“Seraphina!!” Her mother calls. “Can you give the young wolf this!” She pushes a small rabbit carcass towards her to give to me.
“Wait!” She stops and turns to looks at me, while picking up the kill, “Thank you for everything… How can I repay you?-”
“Oh it’s nothing!” She say, setting the rabbit beside me, “Let’s just be friends!!



So What did you think?!




~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


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Heyo! To all the people and animals out in this world! I am lucykate651 Or you can call me Lucy or Gazini. I am an artist, animator, and I love to be out in nature! I don't wish to give out a lot of info about me, but I will say that I wear glasses and love to watch video/movies ^^

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  1. cassidyyoung

    hey lucykate651! it me elab33, and i love the book! please email me @ . i get on thier alot and if you want, i’ll send you the book i am working on. thanks!
    ___ elab33

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