Feeling Generous!!

Hello!! This post will be for Jammers!

Okay so I’ve been in a good mood recently!! So I feel like doing 1/3 things for the first 5 Jammers to comment!

  1. Get them 1 (maybe 2) thing of anything they want from the store!! (I do have a ton of tickets, too!!)
  2. Friend You (Only have 2 spots)
  3. Raffle!! (This can include 10+ Jammers!! Also, look in the previous post for raffle details!!)


That’s it for now!! Till next time! Peace!!




~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


About lucykate651

Heyo! To all the people and animals out in this world! I am lucykate651 Or you can call me Lucy or Gazini. I am an artist, animator, and I love to be out in nature! I don't wish to give out a lot of info about me, but I will say that I wear glasses and love to watch video/movies ^^

Posted on May 11, 2013, in Animal Jam! and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Hey Lucykate!
    It’s Goofy8966 from Jamaa! 🙂

    Nice blog! I’m impressed… 😀
    See you in Jamaa!


  2. Gimme >:o

  3. Hi Luckyate it’s olivejam! Love ur blog 😀

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