Almost Quitting Animal Jam… =C

Okay Jammers. As some of you know, if you were some of my best friends on Animal Jam, I almost quit Animal jam. But I didn’t. At least not yet. So while i took a break I was working on some pictures. Here are some of them…

Okay here's one of them that I've been working on...

Here's one I made a speed paint on...

Link to the speed paint:

Here's another one...

Okay here's another speed paint one... This one took 2 uploads though cause I messed up a lot on this one...

Link to speed paints:

I did the Kitty with Wings today but, anyway… So yeah this is what I’ve been working on getting out my anger and stuff… cause people have been saying some stuff on Animal Jam that I really don’t like… Bye for now. I’ll try not to quit either…

~”Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” -Albert Einstein

~Peace, Love, and Human Stupidity…


About lucykate651

Heyo! To all the people and animals out in this world! I am lucykate651 Or you can call me Lucy or Gazini. I am an artist, animator, and I love to be out in nature! I don't wish to give out a lot of info about me, but I will say that I wear glasses and love to watch video/movies ^^

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  1. your ar rocks and i love your blog im applerosetree on animaljam and i have a blog please add me!!!!!! 🙂

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