Please Help!!

Okay so today I went on the Animal Jam bulletin, found in Jamaa Township, and guess what I found?! My picture I drew! It was by Duke Pechypaw! That was the third time this has happened!! I mean come on?! How many more people will steal my artwork?!?! If you see this person, ASK HIM OR HER IF HE OR SHE SUBMITTED ANY ARTWORK TO ANIMAL JAM!! Please! Also, ask if he/she where it got the artwork Because if you look somewhere around the website you’ll see that exact same picture. Here’s the picture…

Just if you don't believe me... And I highlight the name so you will remember. Please tell anyone because this really upsets me when people take my art work. I've also submitted this artwork in already and another person submitted this EXACT artwork...


About lucykate651

Heyo! To all the people and animals out in this world! I am lucykate651 Or you can call me Lucy or Gazini. I am an artist, animator, and I love to be out in nature! I don't wish to give out a lot of info about me, but I will say that I wear glasses and love to watch video/movies ^^

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  1. what website you draw this?

  2. Email Animal Jam HQ and tell them what happened they will listen to you and Probely ban that person for doing that!

  3. SupperGirl28

    I saw that and I said to myself
    “That’s no LucyKate’s name.”
    But it is your art work!
    I’ll send a come plan to AJ HQ for you.
    That’s terrible that that crappy person did that,
    and that’s REALLY rude!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean really and I’ll post about this on my blog,because AJ HQ looks at my blog,
    REALLY I’m not lying.
    P.S. My blog is Animal Jam world of adventure 🙂

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